Master List

Here is the Master List of all games played / reviewed / posted by The Escape Roomer. Mostly this page is a cheat sheet to find a review fast! Feel free to use CTRL + F if you’re looking for something in particular.

Note: If I’ve marked it with a (DNF) this is shorthand for “Did Not Finish” or that I finished and did not want to leave a review.

London Escape Rooms

CompanyName of Room
Breakin’Sherlock’s Despair
Breakin’Wizarding School: Fang of the Serpent
ClueQuestRevenge of the Sheep
ClueQuestOperation BlackSheep
Enigma QuestsSchool of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Escape LondonEscape the Seven Seas
Escape LondonWitchcraft & Wizardy
Mind the GameMind the Game
Mystery CubeMystery Cube
Time Run PresentsSherlock: The Game is Now

UK Escape Rooms

CompanyLocationName of Room
Escape HuntReadingBlackbeard’s Treasure
Escape HuntOxfordEscape the Wild West
Escape HuntReadingA Dalek Awakens
Escape HuntReadingAlice in Puzzleland
Escape HuntOxfordThe Fourth Samurai
Ready Escape RoomsBrightonEscape the Vault

Global Escape Rooms

Coming Soon

Play at Home Escape Rooms

CompanyGame NameType
Access EscapeEscape the Mailbox: Diamond DetectiveDigital
Agent VentureThe HeistRemote
Bewilder Box / Eltham Escape RoomsThe B.R.U.C.E. Project Part 1Digital
Blue Fish GamesThe Curious Elevator of Mr. HincksPhysical
Blue Fish GamesThe Curious Stairs of Mr. HincksPhysical
Clue CrackerEscape from Extinction IslandDigital
Clue CrackerFairground FelonyDigital
ClueQuestStolen IQPrintable
ClueQuestAlpha Brain SystemPrintable
ClueQuestHumanity 2.0Printable
ClueQuestTimeQuest KidsPrintable
ClueQuestHalloween Survival Escape TrainingPrintable
DeadlockedThe Escape Room Puzzle BookBook
DeadlockedThe InsidersDigital
Escape From HomeDarkwood ManorPrintable
Escape HuntTreasure of the AztecsPrintable
Escape HuntSchool of MagicPrintable
Escape HuntThe Hollow PlanetPrintable
Escape HuntThe Pegasus ProjectDigital
Escape HuntDay of the DeadPrintable
Escape KentThe Pegasus ProjectDigital
Escape KitThe Mysterious MurderPrintable
Escape LiveRogue AgentDigital
Escape PartyThe CryptPrintable
EscapologistThe Pegasus ProjectDigital
Exit the GameThe Pharaoh’s TombPhysical
Exit the GameDead Man on the Orient ExpressPhysical
Extraordinary InvestigationsThe Morgan FileBook
Houdini’s Secret RoomHoudini’s Secret RoomPrintable
Keyhole EscapesLighthouse Rescue (DNF)Digital
Keyhole EscapesCamping CrisisDigital
Lock Paper ScissorsRebel RevoltPrintable
Mobile EscapeFamily SecretsPhysical
Mobile EscapeMissing PersonPhysical
Modern Treasure HuntVOC TreasurePhysical
Mystery LocksDream HackDigital
Mystery MailSchool of Witchcraft and WizardryPhysical
Mystery MailCatch Me if You CanPhysical
Oblivity PodcastThe Profoctor PredicamentDigital
Puzzle PostThe Missed FlightPhysical
Puzzle PostThe Secret ServicePhysical
Russ BuildsEndgameRemote
Russ BuildsAirlockRemote
Sneaky Dog EscapesThe Pegasus ProjectDigital
Society of CuriositiesMysterious Map HeistDigital
STL Fantasy MapsEscape the EmpirePrintable
Struck Down EntertainmentThe Mad BomberDigital
Tension Twisted RealitiesThe Pegasus ProjectDigital
The EnigmagramThe EnigmagramPhysical
The Escape GameThe Truth Seekers Remote AdventureRemote
The Locked RoomThe HeistDigital
The Panic RoomMy Dearest EmilyDigital
Try 2 EscapeA Pirate’s LifeDigital
Unlock!The Island of Doctor GoorsePhysical
Unlock!The House on the HillPhysical
Unlock!The Nautilus’ TrapsPhysical
Unlock!The Tonipal’s TreasurePhysical

Other Immersive Entertainment

AIM Escape (Cluetivity)Operation MindfallWalking
ClueQuest (Ubisoft)Escape the Lost PyramidVR
ClueQuest (Ubisoft)Beyond Medusa’s GateVR
ClueQuest (Ubisoft)The Dagger of TimeVR
Colab TheatreSpy City LondonTheatre
Escape Hunt (Cluetivity)Operation MindfallWalking
Escape Hunt (DNA VR)A Christmas StoryVR
Escape Hunt (DNA VR)Mission SigmaVR
Escape Hunt (Exit VR)HuxleyVR
Electric PlayboxAlien Aptitude TestAR
In the Hidden CityHunt for the Cheshire CatWalking
In the Hidden CityLost Souls of the CityWalking
Locked CityThe Curse of Covent GardenWalking
Other WorldOther WorldVR
The Puzzled MakerDate Night Treasure HuntAt Home

VR = Virtual Reality
AR = Augmented Reality
Walking = An outdoor walking experience e.g. treasure hunt, trail, scavenger hunt
Theatre = An immersive experience involving interaction with actors
At Home = A non-escape room experience designed to be played at home