Master List

Here is the Master List of EVERYTHING! Yes, really! All games played / reviewed / posted by The Escape Roomer. Mostly this page is a cheat sheet to find a review fast! Feel free to use CTRL + F if you’re looking for something in particular.

Note: If we’ve marked it with a (DNR) this is shorthand for “Did Not Review”. This happens if either I didn’t finish a game, didn’t enjoy a game, was unable to review for extenuating circumstances, or was not able to write an unbiased opinion.

London Escape Rooms

CompanyName of Room
AIM EscapePatient Zero 2150
Breakin’Sherlock’s Despair
Breakin’Wizarding School: Fang of the Serpent
Breakin’Heist Plan
clueQuestcQ ORIGENES
clueQuest Revenge of the Sheep
clueQuest Operation BlackSheep
clueQuest PLAN52
clueQuest Beyond Medusa’s Gate
clueQuest The Dagger of Time
Escape EntertainmentBank Heist
Enigma QuestsSchool of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Enigma QuestsMillion Pound Heist
Escape LondonEscape the Seven Seas
Escape LondonWitchcraft & Wizardry
Escape LondonCasino Heist
Escape PlanRoll out the Barrel
Escape PlanThe Adventure Begins
Fox in a BoxBunker *
HintHuntThe Golden Share
Mind the GameMind the Game
Mission: BreakoutCodebreakers
Mission: BreakoutThe Lost Passenger
Modern FablesHypersomnia
Mystery CubeMystery Cube
Rogue ImmersiveThe Perfect Crime
Time Run PresentsSherlock: The Game is Now

UK Escape Rooms

CompanyLocationName of Room
Can You Escape?YorkOperation Hero
CryptologySheffieldFirst Contact
Cryptology Sheffield The Mysterious Case of Hugh Dunnitt
CryptologySheffieldWelcome to Your Afterlife
Cryptology NottinghamDreamscape
Cryptology Nottingham Cypherdyne v1.5
Cryptology Nottingham Rameseize
Cryptology Nottingham Daylight Robbery
Cryptology BarnsleyHMS Cypher
Cryptology Barnsley Insanctuary
Ctrl Alt EscMargateFrankenscape
Ctrl Alt EscMargateSpacescape
Ctrl Alt EscMargateDetention
Emergency ExitAshton-under-LyneExorcist *
Enigma WakefieldWakefieldEscape from Wonderland *
Escape HubMaidstoneThe Laughing Lair
Escape HuntReadingBlackbeard’s Treasure
Escape HuntOxfordEscape the Wild West
Escape HuntReadingA Dalek Awakens
Escape HuntReadingAlice in Puzzleland
Escape HuntOxfordThe Fourth Samurai
Escape in the TowersCanterburyThe Comms Room
Escape KentCanterburyThe Asylum
Escape KentMaidstonePrison Island
Escape LiveSouthend-on-SeaPirate Plunder *
Escape NationStaffordThe Citadel
Escape the ChopReadingEscape the Chop
Escape the PastEdinburghThe Anatomist
Escape ReadingReadingKidnapped
Escape Rooms CardiffCardiff[TBC]
Hysteria Escape RoomsRochesterAdvent Avenue
Hysteria Escape RoomsRochesterThe Forgotten Realm
Hysteria Escape RoomsRochesterMotel California
Hysteria Escape RoomsRochesterAftermath
Jersey War TunnelsJerseyOperation Constellation
QuestJerseyMission: Impossible Breakout
Real Life GamesRamsgateFeline Fiasco
Real Life GamesRamsgateExtinction
Ready Escape RoomsBrightonEscape the Vault
The EscapementMargateThe Pit
The EscapementMargateEgyptian Exodus
The EscapementMargatePirates of Polaris
The Panic RoomGravesendWizard of Oz
The Panic RoomGravesendLoop
The Panic RoomGravesendDino Land
The Panic RoomGravesendSacrifice
The Real EscapePortsmouthThe Guardians of the Elixir *
Top Escape RoomsWorcesterThe Dentist *
404 EscapeSelly OakSurvival
404 EscapeSelly OakResistance

An asterisk * indicates we played a remote/online version of this room.

International Escape Rooms

CompanyLocationName of Room
District 3CanadaHaunted *
District 3CanadaSomething Brewing *
District 3CanadaInterrogation Room *
Escape Rooms EnnisIreland O’Brien’s Cottage *
Hourglass EscapesUSAEvil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn *
Hourglass EscapesUSARise of the Mad Pharaoh *
ImmersiaCanadaThe Forgotten Station *
My Escape RoomUSAMardi Gras Study *
Mystery Mansion ReginaCanadaD’Viles Curio Shoppe *
Puzzled EscapeUSAFind the Professor of the Occult *
UNLOCKEDUSAReturn of the Magician *

An asterisk * indicates that I played a remote/online version of this room.

Play at Home Escape Rooms

CompanyGame NameType
Access EscapeEscape the Mailbox: Diamond DetectiveDigital
Access EscapeEscape the Mailbox: A Peculiar PotionDigital
Access EscapeEscape the Mailbox: Mayhem at the MuseumDigital
Access EscapeEscape the Mailbox: The Loco Love TesterDigital
Agent NovemberVirtual X-CaperRemote
Agent VentureThe HeistRemote
Agent VentureCyborg IslandRemote
Agent VentureB.A.D. Side of the MoonRemote
A/MAZE Escape RoomsGhost of Pointe-a-CalliereDigital
ANTS TheatreWe Still FaxBoxed
Bewilder Box / Eltham Escape RoomsThe B.R.U.C.E. Project Part 1Digital
Bewilder BoxSabotage EscapeDigital
Blue Fish GamesThe Curious Elevator of Mr. HincksBoxed
Blue Fish GamesThe Curious Stairs of Mr. HincksBoxed
Breakout UnboxedThe Wizard’s ApprenticeBoxed
Clue CardsThe Forgetful ElfCard
Clue CrackerEscape from Extinction IslandDigital
Clue CrackerFairground FelonyDigital
ClueHQThe Warp Core Part 2Digital
ClueHQThe Warp Core Part 3Digital
clueQuest Stolen IQPrintable
clueQuest Alpha Brain SystemPrintable
clueQuest Humanity 2.0Printable
clueQuest TimeQuest KidsPrintable
clueQuest Halloween Survival Escape TrainingPrintable
clueQuest Prison of Memories Part 1Printable
clueQuest Mechanics of the HeartPrintable
clueQuest Operation E.G.G.Printable
Code BakersCode BakeBoxed
Creative EventsThe BIG Escape (Virtual)Digital
CU AdventuresFloor 13Digital
CU AdventuresThe Lost TempleDigital
Curio CasebooksAnadarkoBoxed
Curious Correspondence ClubThe Custodian’s KeysBoxed
Dark ParkWitchery SpellBoxed
Dave Escape RoomsRita’s Cult FollowingDigital
DeadlockedThe Insiders (DNR)Digital
DeadlockedMovember Virtual (DNR)Digital
DeadlockedTunnelling Through Time (DNR)Digital
Detective SocietySeason One, Episode OneBoxed
Diorama GamesThe Vandermist DossierBoxed
District 3HauntedRemote
District 3Something BrewingRemote
District 3Interrogation RoomRemote
Edaqa’s RoomCarnivalDigital
Edaqa’s RoomPrototypeDigital
Edaqa’s RoomCookiesDigital
Egg AssemblyRoutesDigital
Eleven PuzzlesUnboxing the Mind of a Cryptic KillerDigital
Emergency ExitExorcistDigital
Emergency ExitThe BeastRemote
EnchamberedAlone TogetherDigital
EnchamberedTogether ApartDigital
EnchamberedTogether at HeartDigital
EnibotMission: MarsDigital
Enigma FellowshipThe Lost KnowledgeBoxed
Enigma FellowshipThe Scattered CardsBoxed
Enigma FellowshipThe Submerged SentinelBoxed
EnigmailedHoneycomb StingOther
Enigmailed Fatal ExperimintOther
EnigmailedExcalibar’s SwordOther
Enigmailed UndeliverableCard
Enigma WakefieldEscape From WonderlandDigital
Enigma WakefieldUncle ArtemisDigital
Epic EscapesCrimeBoxed
EscapagesVice VersaBook
Escape From HomeDarkwood ManorPrintable
Escape HuntTreasure of the AztecsPrintable
Escape HuntSchool of MagicPrintable
Escape HuntThe Hollow PlanetPrintable
Escape HuntThe Pegasus ProjectDigital
Escape HuntThe Bletchley Park PapersDigital
Escape HuntAn Enola Holmes AdventurePrintable
Escape HuntStolenPrintable
Escape HuntMurder at the MansionPrintable
Escape HuntLevel UpPrintable
Escape KentThe Pegasus ProjectDigital
Escape KitThe Mysterious MurderPrintable
Escape LiveRogue AgentDigital
Escape LiveMoriarty: The Last StandRemote
Escape LivePirate PlunderDigital
Escape Quest QueenstownMissing Gold EscortPrintable
Escape Quest QueenstownEmpire EscapePrintable
Escape PartyThe CryptPrintable
Escape Room GeeksHoudini’s Secret RoomPrintable
Escape Room GeeksSaving the Beauty of WinterPrintable
Escape Rooms CardiffPost-a-PuzzleCard
Escape Rooms DurhamMr. XDigital
Escape SCScience SpliceDigital
Escape SCUnion of Recorded LivesDigital
Escape StationsHumbug HijinxDigital
Escape TalesThe AwakeningBoxed
eScape.UKThe BeachDigital
EscapologistThe Pegasus ProjectDigital
Exit the GameThe Pharaoh’s TombBoxed
Exit the GameThe Sunken TreasureBoxed
ExperiosBen’s Big HeistDigital
Extraordinary InvestigationsThe Morgan FileBook
EscapagesFlatpak 2021 CalendarCalendar
Fast FamiliarNational Elf ServiceDigital
Fast FamiliarBad AltitudeDigital
Fox in a Box LondonVirtual BunkerRemote
Headlock Escape RoomsThe Wizard’s ApothecaryRemote
Headlock Escape RoomsCracking ChristmasRemote
Headlock Escape RoomsThe Keeper & The Fungus Among UsRemote
Hidden CityMoriarty’s Game: A Killer in the HiveDigital
Hourglass EscapesThe Navigators and the Call From BeyondDigital
Hourglass EscapesRise of the Mad PharaohDigital
Hourglass EscapesEvil Dead 2: Dead By DawnRemote
House of TalesHong Kong: The Night BeforeDigital
ImmersiaThe Forgotten StationDigital
Key EnigmaHack ForwardBoxed
Keyhole EscapesLighthouse Rescue (DNR)Digital
Keyhole EscapesCamping CrisisDigital
Lee BallanThe PyramidDigital
Lock Paper ScissorsRebel RevoltPrintable
Mad Genius EscapesThe Truth About EdithDigital
Meridian Adventure Co.The Traveler’s Guide to Little SodaburgRemote
Mobile EscapeFamily SecretsCard
Mobile EscapeMissing PersonCard
Mobile EscapesThe Haunted Tunnels of uOttowaDigital
Modern Treasure HuntVOC TreasureBoxed
Mystery LocksDream HackDigital
Mystery MailSchool of Witchcraft and WizardryCard
Mystery MailCatch Me if You CanCard
Mystery MailA Very Merry ChristmasCard
Mystery Mansion ReginaDrag Task ForceRemote
Mystery Mansion Regina Night Terrors Remote
Mystery Mansion Regina D’Viles Curio Shoppe Remote
Mystery Mansion Regina Sleepy ManRemote
My Escape RoomMardi Gras StudyDigital
Next Level EscapeA Temporal TangleDigital
Oblivity PodcastThe Profoctor PredicamentDigital
Online Escape Rooms IrelandThe Beach BarDigital
Online Escape Rooms IrelandO Brien’s CottageDigital
Online Escape Rooms IrelandSpirit Seekers: The Clare AbbeyDigital
Other Tales PrintableThe GatekeeperPrintable
Palace SpherePalace of DestinyDigital
Project AvatarStalkerRemote
Project MCold Fusion (DNR)Digital
Puzzled Escape GamesProfessor of the OccultDigital
Puzzle PostThe Missed FlightCard
Puzzle PostThe Secret ServiceCard
Puzzle PostThe SplitCard
Quarantini BoredomEscape from CatlandDigital
Queen City EscapeAn Office ESC Room MisadventureDigital
Real Escape Game Japan (SCRAP)The Strange VillageDigital
Real Escape Game Japan (SCRAP)The Demon FortressDigital
Real Escape Game Japan (SCRAP)Escape from the Two Base StationsBoxed
Room Escape SouthendHunt for the March HareDigital
Russ BuildsEndgameRemote
Russ BuildsAirlockRemote
Russ BuildsCitizenRemote
Scarlet EnvelopeNewspaper: Introduction to MysteriesCard
Scarlet EnvelopeCabaret in Lapin Blanc Card
Scarlet EnvelopeDistress Call From Outer Space Card
Scarlet EnvelopeBreakfast for a Serial Killer Card
Scarlet envelopeWild Mansion of Mr. Ferri Card
Sneaky Dog EscapesThe Pegasus ProjectDigital
Society of CuriositiesMysterious Map HeistDigital
STL Fantasy MapsEscape the EmpirePrintable
Struck Down EntertainmentThe Mad BomberDigital
Swamp MotelPlymouth PointDigital
Swamp MotelThe Mermaid’s TongueDigital
Swamp MotelThe Kindling HourDigital
Swamp MotelPanicDigital
Tension Twisted RealitiesThe Pegasus ProjectDigital
The EnigmagramThe EnigmagramCard
The Escape GameThe Truth Seekers Remote AdventureRemote
The Locked RoomThe HeistDigital
The Locked RoomOperation Code BlackDigital
The Mystery AgencyThe Balthazar StoneBoxed
theory11Box OneBoxed
The Panic RoomMy Dearest EmilyDigital
The Real EscapeThe Guardians of the ElixirDigital
Tokyo Nazotoki EscapeWorld Detective MysteryBoxed
Top Escape RoomsThe Dentist OnlineDigital
TrappedThe Art HeistBoxed
Try 2 EscapeA Pirate’s LifeDigital
Ultimate QuestThe Last Pyramid: Sands of TimeRemote
UNLOCKED: Escape RoomReturn of the MagicianRemote
Unlock!The Island of Doctor GoorseBoxed
Unlock!The House on the HillBoxed
Unlock!The Nautilus’ TrapsBoxed
Unlock!The Tonipal’s TreasureBoxed
Unlock! Star WarsEscape from HothBoxed
Unlock! Star WarsAn Unforseen DelayBoxed
Unlock! Star WarsSecret Mission on JedhaBoxed
USB EscapeSeason 1Boxed
Virtual EscapingUnderground MurderDigital
WebscapadeWelcome to ArgeniaDigital
Wild ChildChernobyl: A Puzzle SeptologyDigital
Wild Hare EscapesLegend of the LabyrinthDigital
Wizards Against LizardsWizards Against LizardsRemote

Other Immersive Entertainment

AIM Escape (Cluetivity)Operation Mindfall (London)Walking
ANTS TheatreWe Still FaxTheatre
CluedUppThe RipperWalking
clueQuest (Ubisoft)Escape the Lost PyramidVR
clueQuest (Ubisoft) Beyond Medusa’s GateVR
clueQuest (Ubisoft) The Dagger of TimeVR
Colab TheatreSpy City LondonTheatre
Egg AssemblyRoutesDigital
Escape Hunt (Cluetivity)Operation Mindfall (Oxford) DNRWalking
Electric GameboxAlien Aptitude Test London ’84AR
FoxtrailTrail LancelotWalking
Hidden CityHunt for the Cheshire CatWalking
Hidden CityMoriarty’s GameWalking
Hidden CityThe Enchanted MirrorWalking
Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds ImmersiveJeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds ImmersiveTheatre
KaleiderThe Money LiveTheatre
Locked CityThe Curse of Covent GardenWalking
Other WorldOther WorldVR
Play Dead LondonThe Case of the Clown in the WoodsTheatre
Rogue ImmersiveThe Perfect CrimeTheatre
Secret City TrailsLondon’s Camden & Primrose HillWalking
Secret City TrailsLondon’s Kings CrossWalking
Street HuntColombia’s FinestWalking
The Puzzled MakerDate Night Treasure HuntAt Home
Wizards Against LizardsWizards Against LizardsTheatre

VR = Virtual Reality
AR = Augmented Reality
Walking = An outdoor walking experience e.g. treasure hunt, trail, scavenger hunt
Theatre = An immersive experience involving interaction with actors
At Home = A non-escape room experience designed to be played at home

Board Games

CreatorBoard Game
Bézier GamesOne Night Ultimate Werewolf
Czech Games EditionCodenames
Goat Wolf & CabbageSecret Hitler
Jolly ThinkersDeception: Murder in Hong Kong
Lucky Duck GamesChronicles of Crime
Scorpion MasquéDecrypto
Space CowboysSherlock Holmes Consulting Detective:
The Thames Murders and Other Cases

Video Games

CreatorVideo Game
100 Stones InteractiveThe Eyes of Ara
11sheepThe Office Quest
Ariana RavioliWill Die Alone
Benedict IdeStar Seeker in: the Secret of the Sorcerous Standoff
Blue Brain GamesThe House of Da Vinci
Blue Brain GamesThe House of Da Vinci II
Broken RulesOld Man’s Journey
Crows Crows CrowsDr Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald
Cyan WorldsrealMYST
Davey Wreden, William PughThe Stanley Parable
Draw DistanceSerial Cleaner
Fictoriama StudiosDo Not Feed the Monkeys
FinjiNight in the Woods
Fireproof GamesThe Room
Fireproof Games The Room 2
Fireproof Games The Room 3
Fireproof Games The Room: Old Sins
Fireproof Games The Room VR: A Dark Matter
FullbrightGone Home
FrogwaresThe Testament of Sherlock Holmes
Harry NewtonThe Cabin
Giant SparrowWhat Remains of Edith Finch
Godbey GamesDiscolored
Grace BruxnerFrog Detective: The Haunted Island
Large AnimalColor Zen
Lucas PopeReturn of the Obra Dinn
mc2gamesPalindrome Syndrome
mc2gamesBetween Time
Mike BithellThomas Was Alone
Moroi SpringsWinterlore
Moroi SpringsWinterlore II
Necrophone GamesJazzpunk
Other TalesTick Tock: A Tale for Two
Pillow Castle GamesSuperliminal
Pine StudiosEscape Simulator
Rocketship ParkLOVE – A Puzzle Box Filled With Stories
Rusty LakeCube Escape: Paradox
Spare Parts OasisA Rogue Escape
Terrible ToyboxThimbleweed Park
Toshimitsu TakagiThe Crimson Room
TunermaxxRainbow Reactor: Fusion
Way ForwardGoosebumps the Game
William ChyrManifold Garden
Yak & CoAgent A: A Puzzle in Disguise