Project Avatar: Stalker

Not an ordinary mission for the AVATAR, but his friend UTYA DUCK is in trouble. He cannot get home because his AIRDUCKTER is broken. He needs artifacts to fix it. But they can only be found in the Magic Pawnshop. This a the problem…because in this reality…the manager of the Magic Pawnshop is CHICKMAN the BIG BOSS CHICKEN!!!! Continue reading Project Avatar: Stalker

Secret City Trails: London’s Camden and Primrose Hill

There’s more to Camden than its famous market. This discovery walk was created by Secret City Trail’s co-founders, Kristina and Wendy, for you to experience its buzz and authentic charm by yourself. Fun location-based riddles will guide your exploration of the gorgeous Regent’s Canal and streets lined with brightly coloured houses. Continue reading Secret City Trails: London’s Camden and Primrose Hill


Anything’s possible at Platform so expect the unexpected IRL. Platform is a next-level gaming bar and cultural space. Everyone’s welcome. Anything goes: battle zombie hordes, KO your CEO or spend date night dungeon crawling! Rating: N/ACompletion Time: N/ADate Played: 26th August 2020Party Size: 2 NOT AN ESCAPE ROOM? WHAT?! Yes, yes, I know. This is NOT my regular content – I’m sorry! But you know those times where … Continue reading Platform

AIM Escape: Operation Mindfall

We are W.I.S.E.: an independent, international intelligence organization, operating at the highest level of secrecy to protect the world from danger. Our sources report that the secret research company, Spider Technologies, has developed a virus for mind control and has already infected 20% of the world population. Rating: Exhilarating Completion Time: 2hrs 10 minutesDate Played: 11th August 2020Party Size: 4 Operation Mindfall is without a doubt in my … Continue reading AIM Escape: Operation Mindfall

Locked City: The Curse of Covent Garden

Legend speaks of a curse haunting the inhabitants of Covent Garden and turning them to stone. Follow the cryptic trail and lift the curse before it is too late… Rating: Great Fun!Completion Time: 1hr15Date Played: 19th of July 2020Party Size: 3 The Curse of Covent Garden … Something is afoot in the West End! A mysterious curse turning people across Covent Garden into stone? Spooooooky! … Continue reading Locked City: The Curse of Covent Garden

The Puzzled Maker: Date Night Treasure Hunt

Love is in the air! Rating: RomanticCompletion Time: 1hr30Date Played: 13th of July 2020Party Size: 2 I was sceptical! Okay, I’ll admit it! We’re not a lovey-dovey couple … But then maybe that’s why this game ended up being so darned perfect? Being forced to sit down and work through your relationship with a series of puzzles and games made an average Monday evening just … Continue reading The Puzzled Maker: Date Night Treasure Hunt