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March 2022 Update: We are not currently looking for any new writers, but please feel free to get in touch or send a speculative message with the form below.

The Escape Roomer is a friendly (non profit) site based in the UK covering news, escape rooms, video games and puzzle games. What started as a small hobby project has now grown into a tight knit team of wonderful people!

Wanted: Passionate Puzzle People! 👇

Do you love playing escape rooms, solving puzzles, and writing?

Consider joining our crew! 💗

Whilst we’re unfortunately not able to offer compensation (*exceptions apply), we can offer paid escape room experiences, boxed games, video games and tickets to events across the UK. All writers also get their own hand illustrated icon to keep, and access to The Escape Roomer network of resources and support!

  • Applicants should be UK residents or nationals

(This is mainly so that we can send you fun things in the post!)

  • Applicants should aim to write an article a month

(Though we totally understand when life gets busy. So no pressure, we’re not saving lives here!)

If you’re interested, fill out the form below!

P.S. We are a diverse, LGBTQA+ positive group and strongly encourage applicants from underrepresented groups.

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