Escape London: Escape the Seven Seas | Review

 Escape London: Escape the Seven Seas | Review

Escape London: Escape the Seven Seas Review | Legend speaks of a treasure, The envy of all those who admire, A treasure that’s said to grant any sailor a wish that so desires.

Rating: Brilliant
Completion Time: 39:15
Date Played: 29th of February 2020
Party Size: 4

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! Games at Escape London just do not disappoint. Today marks #2 with the company – and we’re looking forward to coming back for #3 very soon.

Escape The Seven Seas begins with you and your crew locked up (separately, I might add!) in the heart of a pirate ship. So your first puzzle is to escape! But, as your two prison cells are quite far apart, that’s no easy feat. Eventually by working together, stretching your arms, and trying not to drop the items you pass between your cells, you’ll unite for Room 2.

There are two different rooms from this point in this game and the theming is fabulously pirate-like. From the eerie music to the whole room looking visually great. At one point we had to figure through rope knots. Later we had to solve something involving barrels of rum. Of course, at the end there is treasure! Lots of it! No ‘pretend’ treasure chest, with this one you can practically shower in gold coins. It’s great.

The only drawback of this experience was that they had some pretty bad technical difficulties on the day. Their camera feed broke so they were unable to see where we were, or what we were doing. The GM had to come into the room twice (first to tell us about the issue and second to give us a clue). But I won’t hold it against them, technical difficulties happen!

We nonetheless had a lot of fun together. A like a good pirate themed game, and Escape London do a good job with theirs.

Escape the Seven Seas can be played at Escape London (Shadwell). Prices start at £23 pp.



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Escape London: Escape the Seven Seas | Review
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