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The 10 Best Non-Escape Room Things to do in London

Now I know what you’re thinking. Why are we The Escape Roomer, writing an article about the best things to do in London which AREN’T escape rooms? Probably for the

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13 of the best outdoor puzzle trails to play in London

Inspired by Georgie’s recent article on great team building experiences in London, I found myself looking back on all the outdoor puzzle walking trails I’ve done in London in search

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8 HIDDEN GEMS to look out for in the Cerebral Puzzle Showcase!

Today is launch day of the much anticipated ‘Cerebral Puzzle Showcase‘! Here at The Escape Roomer, we absolutely love a good puzzle game, and this Steam showcase is absolutely packed

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Build Your Own Escape Game Artefacts! Part 5

Have you ever wanted to build your own escape game artefacts using low voltage electronics? Look no further! In the upcoming months, look out for a short series of articles

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Crowdfunding at a Glance: How to raise money for your escape room with crowdfunding

In addition to my role as writer at The Escape Roomer, I’m the Head of Community and Theatre at, a British Crowdfunding Platform designed for and by creatives.  





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