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Marketing Tabletop Puzzle Games on Kickstarter — A Case Study

This article was originally posted on Medium. Kickstarter is an incredibly powerful tool not just for securing the funds to create a game, but also for marketing the game itself.


30 Before 30? Writing an Escape Room Bucket List

Cast your mind back to 2021. Yep, a whole two years ago. I was halfway between 20 and 30 and probably feeling listless and directionless about live (oh, hello 20s)

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The Escape Roomer Road Trip: The Best Escape Rooms in the Netherlands

Okay yes, so this is “The Escape Roomer” and yes, we almost exclusively review UK escape rooms. That is, barring the few awesome “play at home” ones which we invariably


The Escape Roomer is on The Infinite Escape Room Podcast!

Look mum, we’re on a podcast! We’re super excited to have been invited onto our favourite podcast, The Infinite Escape Room to take on the latest chapter in their (if

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The Complete Guide to Tulley’s Escape Rooms Sussex

The Escape Room Adventures take you on a journey of discovery as you puzzle your way through the gameplay and unlock the many secrets within. The easiest room is Mutiny,