ClueQuest: TimeQuest Kids

The Earlybirds are the youngest ever members of the Supervillain Organization of the World, and now they’ve got their hands on time travel technology! When they make their move, then the timeQuest team are going to need all the help they can get in stopping these juvenile villains, and saving the universe from a catastrophic time paradox! Rating: Great Fun!Completion Time: 1hr 14minsDate Played: 18th October 2020Party … Continue reading ClueQuest: TimeQuest Kids

Escape Party: The Crypt

Tread in the footsteps of Christian Stapleton, the explorer lost in the crypt many years ago. Find the clues and solve the puzzle of the crypt in order to escape. Rating:  SpookyCompletion Time: 60 minutesDate Played: 1st August 2020Party Size: 1 The Crypt by Escape Party reminded me that I should definitely put a cryptic puzzle that takes my ancestors years to solve on my tombstone. Perhaps the puzzle … Continue reading Escape Party: The Crypt

Escape Hunt: The Hollow Planet

The Doctor needs you… incoming signal from planetoid TG-88.3Ω, otherwise known as The Hollow Planet. Something (or someone!) has knocked out the local android population and taken over the mining facility built long ago on the planet’s surface. Rating:  Exciting!Completion Time: 65 minutesDate Played: 31st July 2020Party Size: 2 The Hollow Planet is the latest game in partnership with BBC Doctor Who from Escape Hunt and, perfect for … Continue reading Escape Hunt: The Hollow Planet

Oblivity Podcast: The Profoctor Predicament

The Profoctor Predicament … Or to call it by it’s full name The Profoctor’s perfidious, perilous, puzzling predicament! How to describe it? SO MUCH FUN. It’s brilliant, hilarious, charming, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s immediately gone onto my Top Rated list and I can’t recommend it enough. Continue reading Oblivity Podcast: The Profoctor Predicament

Houdini’s Secret Room

The 150-year-old house that belonged to the most famous illusionist Houdini is now a museum. You decide to go there and learn some of his greatest tricks and illusions. Walking around, your curiosity leads you to a secret room, one in which no one has set foot for over a century… Rating: Mysterious & Quirky!Completion Time: 35 minutesDate Played: 23rd of July 2020Party Size: 2 … Continue reading Houdini’s Secret Room

ClueQuest: Humanity 2.0

Agent Crimson and MrQ have destroyed the Alpha Brain System, but not before Professor BlackSheep managed to escape. But the Professor no longer needs that old piece of machinery. He’s now setting his sights on a new vision, Humanity 2.0, a world order where humans only have access to the intelligence they deserve. Rating: Outstanding!Completion Time: 1hr15Date Played: 17th of July 2020Party Size: 2 Causing … Continue reading ClueQuest: Humanity 2.0

Escape from Home: Darkwood Manor

Following the death of Emily, Master Darkwood locked up Darkwood Manor and never returned. You stumble upon the house and realise the ghost of Emily is stuck inside. You must find her and set her free. Are you brave enough to try? Rating: MysteriousCompletion Time: 30 minutesDate Played: 21st of June 2020Party Size: 1 The spooky tale of Darkwood Manor by Escape from Home centres … Continue reading Escape from Home: Darkwood Manor