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Edinburgh Treasure Hunts Fantastic Creatures Review

Edinburgh Treasure Hunts: Fantastic Creatures | Review

Edinburgh Treasure Hunts Review | Professor M has arranged for you a day of creature-hunting. It’s all about using your special map wisely and keeping your eyes peeled. There’s so many secrets hidden in the beautiful Old Town. Completion Time: ~2 hours Date Played: 17th July 2022 Party Size: 2 Location: Edinburgh Old Town Difficulty: […]

Arcadium Adventures Review

Arcadium Adventures: A Most Mysterious Convention | Review

Arcadium Adventures: A Most Mysterious Convention Review | Chapter One in Arcadium’s Most Mysterious Cases, now you can enjoy more of the intrigue, the mysteries and the stories from wherever you are! This experience is a most enjoyable way to spend an afternoon or evening at home and can even be used as greeting card or […]

Compendium Bury Escape Room UI-55 Review

Compendium: UI-55 | Review

Compendium UI-55 Review | A German U-boat named UI-55 was found in the river Thames. Have you and your team got what it takes to sneak aboard and retrieve all of Britain’s wealth before the German soldier’s return? Date Played: March 2022 Number of Players: 2 Time Taken: ~50 Minutes Difficulty: Expert! When we were planning […]

Compendium Bury Escape Room Review

Compendium Bury: Laboratory, Bedlam, Wrong Turn | Review

Date played: March 2022 Time taken: 48 minutes / 46 minutes / 45 minutes Number of players: 2 Difficulty: Easy / Hard / Medium As someone who lives in London, I don’t often get the chance to venture ‘up north’, but there are quite a few companies that are making a name for themselves! Just outside of Manchester (an […]


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