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404 Escape Resistance Review

404 Escape: Resistance | Review

Escape 404: Resistance Review | The sudden outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has made people sorrowful. Millions of patients were suffering and many of them have left us. The medical staff and volunteers stood up to protect the public, even though many of them were separated from their families for months to stay in the hospitals. Some of them have been infected and have even lost their lives during their work. How would we win this battle? What price would we pay?

Bring Me the Taskmaster's Head

Bring Me The Head Of The Taskmaster – Part Treasure Hunt, Part Game Launches Today

Bring Me the Head of the Taskmaster – This is a race against your fellow Taskmaster players. You are competing against everyone else who is reading this book. All you’ve got to do is find The Taskmaster’s Head first.

Theory11 Box One Review

theory11: Box One | Review

theory11 Box One Review | A game uniquely designed to challenge only ONE person – and it seems that person is you! And only you. Alone. Can you handle it?


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