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ClueQuest: Humanity 2.0

Agent Crimson and MrQ have destroyed the Alpha Brain System, but not before Professor BlackSheep managed to escape. But the Professor no longer needs that old piece of machinery. He’s now setting his sights on a new vision, Humanity 2.0, a world order where humans only have access to the intelligence they deserve. Rating: Outstanding!Completion […]Read More

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Keyhole Escapes: Camping Crisis

Having driven for seven hours to reach the beautiful Cliffside Campsite, you pull up to the barrier and the guard asks for your booking confirmation pack. It’s not in the door and its not in the glove box or under the seat… Rating: CreativeCompletion Time: 28 minutesDate Played: 14th of July 2020Party Size: 1 Camping […]Read More

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Mobile Escape: Missing Person

After a harrowing cliffhanger in Episode 1, we’re back with cousin JJ in Episode 2. Rating: Brilliant!Completion Time: 39 minutesDate Played: 12th of July 2020Party Size: 2 This review passively discusses the ending of Episode 1: Family Secrets. Only read on if you don’t want that to be spoiled for you! …And we’re back! The […]Read More

Digital Play at Home Secret Agents

Escape Live: Rogue Agent | Review

Whilst saving the world from all manner of terrorists and threats, a Rogue MI5 Agent has been growing his personal art collection and not entirely legitimately. The unknown agent has been stealing art and sculptures from across the globe. Rating: Pretty InterestingCompletion Time: 1 Hour 8 MinutesDate Played: 16th of June 2020Party Size: 6 26/02/21 […]Read More