Lock Paper Scissors: Rebel Revolt

 Lock Paper Scissors: Rebel Revolt

A treasonous escape room kit that transforms your home Into a daring Adventure.

Rating: Brilliant
Completion Time: 60 Minutes
Date Played: 13th of June 2020
Party Size: 2

Rebel Revolt is one of the many escape game / party kits available from Lock Paper Scissors Co. recommended for teams of up to 4 players. I’m specifically calling it a party kit, as with your download you get over 50 printable pages, detailed instructions on how to setup a party, and customisable sheets for invites and posters. Basically all you need to host a themed party, above and beyond a regular escape game!

As such, we recommend it more for a party setting – HOWEVER, as a team of 2 we still had a brilliant time. Any game that encourages us to dress up and get into ridiculous character is a double thumbs up in my book and deserves extra stars. Personally, I played Knox. The bomb wielding bodybuilder from York, accent, tattoos and all.

In terms of gameplay, there are around 6 ’rounds’, or rather you split your printed pack into 6 piles before beginning. An introduction, a round for each in-game character, ending with a mini party game requiring you to scatter mines across the floor and navigate them blind folded.

What the game lacks in sophisticated puzzles – no criticism here though, the game is just designed to be more accessible to a teen/younger audience – Rebel Revolt makes up with the fun. We completed the game in a comfortable 60 minutes, giving plenty of time for wine and snack breaks.

There’s a folding puzzle, a rearranging puzzle, a maze puzzle and an origami puzzle. It ticks all the boxes, like a textbook paper based escape game. Nothing too surprising, but nothing too difficult or disappointing either.

So if you’re an experienced escape room player looking for a challenging experience, this might not be the one for you. But if you’re a group of friends wanting to dress up, be silly and solve puzzles quickly for an hour in a fun environment, it’ll be perfect.

Overall – we’re rating this a comfortable 4 stars purely because we both genuinely enjoyed ourselves and were pleased to spend an evening with this game!

Rebel Revolt can be purchased for $29 on Lock Paper Scissors’s website.


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