ClueQuest: Alpha Brain System

 ClueQuest: Alpha Brain System

Professor BlackSheep is developing a weapon called the Alpha Brain System, capable of hijacking humanity’s brain power. Agent Crimson is moving further into The Cube to find it – will you help her?

Rating: Exceptional!
Completion Time: 1hr 8min
Date Played: 28th of June 2020
Party Size: 2

Here’s a representation of me, playing this game, happy like Agent Crimson, playing Alpha Brain system:

Jokes aside, ClueQuest have done it again! Another fantastic episode in their play at home game series that is a cut above the rest in uniqueness and ingenuity. Escape room companies across the world take note!

Sure, there were some extremely frustrating parts. And, watching the ending video, we realised we didn’t quite set up some of the 3D levels like we were supposed to. But frankly, all can be forgiven, as ClueQuest once again push the very boundaries of what is possible within an escape game at home – and it works!

Picking up exactly where Episode 1: Stolen IQ left off, we once again join Agent Crimson, Mr Q and the whole band of ClueQuest characters as they begin to face ‘The Cube’. What follows is a classic (and I say classic, for sure it is a very common ‘trope’ in the escape room industry, but ClueQuest manages to make it timeless), heist-style infiltration adventure where you reassemble rooms, security networks, and floating tanks as you make your way into the heart of The Cube.

In particular, there is a section of the game where you recreate a laser maze and navigate your way through it. It’s so perfectly reimagined as a printable escape game, about as close as a real life escape room experience (or dare I say it, better?) but in paper format.

If I had to think of one tiny criticism it would be, as seems to be popular consensus, that there’s an awful lot of printing and cutting. But if you (as they suggest) cut ahead of playing, you’ll set yourself up for the best experience possible when you sit down to play. But if you can look past that, the cutting and printing is thoroughly rewarding to create the cool structures Alpha Brain System encourages you to.

To conclude, a perfect game? Maybe. Thanks ClueQuest!

Alpha Brain System can be purchased for £12 on ClueQuest’s website.


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