We Still Fax Returns this January 2022

 We Still Fax Returns this January 2022

Despite the warnings that 2022 is just 2020 (too), we’re kicking off the year with something fantastically fun to look forward to. We Still Fax is BACK.

The one of it’s kind “fax-based” escape room experience has announced they’re running a limited series of bookings from January 1st – January 31st 2022. Everything you need to play will be delivered to your home address in the UK for a completely covid safe experience.

More information on how to book and what to expect can be found at www.antstheatre.com/westillfax

What is We Still Fax?

You receive a mysterious machine in the post. You plug it in and something strange happens… You connect with an alternate dimension; one in which the internet doesn’t exist and someone needs your help! To take on this important mission, you will need to crack codes, send faxes, unlock secret hatches and, when the time comes, push the big, red button. They are counting on you; their world depends on it.

If we had to categorise We Still Fax, it would be a cross between live immersive theatre and tabletop escape room. The idea is simple – ANTS Theatre sends you a large Fax Machine in the post. This Fax Machine is a relic from another universe… A universe the same up until one key divergent point: The internet was never adopted and people still fax.

This genre-defying experience is delivered to your home in the UK and the game begins at a set time when you’ll need to plug your fax machine in and receive your first fax.

Read our full review of We Still Fax here.

Sound interesting? Visit www.antstheatre.com/westillfax

About ANTS Theatre

ANTS Theatre is a production company made up of six interdisciplinary artists from all around the world. These artists include:

Lu Curtis

Lu is an award-winning producer, theatre-maker and director with over 5 years’ experience in the arts, including Theatre-Rites, Theatre Royal Haymarket Masterclass Trust, English National Ballet, Crowded Room and Opera Holland Park.

Eva H. Lee

Eva is a Korean interdisciplinary artist born in Spain, raised in Brazil and Beijing. She studied at Royal Holloway before joining Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. She works as a designer and choreographer alongside theatre-making.

Diana Vallverdu i Cabrera

Diana is a mathematician and theatre-maker from Barcelona. She studied at Polytechnic University of Catalunya (UPC) and has worked as a programmer. With ANTS, she has combined her two passions; applying logic to theatre making.

Paul Hernes Barnes

Paul is an award-winning rural theatre-maker from the West-highlands of Scotland with a taste for performance in non-theatre spaces. Past performance locations range from abandoned castles to railway station tearooms.

Mengqiu Xu

Qiu is a performer and theatre-maker from Nanjing, China. She worked as a performer for 5 years in China before receiving a postgraduate degree from RSCCD in Advanced Theatre Practice, as well as from UCL in Environmental Design and Engineering.

Zhaolin Zhou

Zhaolin is a theatre-maker and performer from China. Before working in theatre, he received a degree in medicine from Peking University, and uses his experience to explore the journey of who we are in this rapidly changing world.


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