On Your Marks, Get Set! Fool’s Errand – A 30 Day Fitness Puzzle Challenge

 On Your Marks, Get Set! Fool’s Errand – A 30 Day Fitness Puzzle Challenge

Its time to give you the inside track on something new and exciting!

The team at Enigmailed, known for their outstanding innovative creations including the fabulous Chocolateral and Undeliverable (which we are massive fans of) now bring you something a little different, something which we are are equally excited about!

The headlines are simple:

30 Challenges, 30 Days, 30 Puzzles.

Lets face it, we wouldn’t be in the escape room game if it weren’t for our love of puzzles and our overwhelming desire to overcome challenges!

Fool’s Errand will be a month-long daily active puzzle challenge kicking off in April 2022. Early bird tickets to take part in the race cost £20 per person (discounted for teams and healthcare workers), and can be purchased here.

It sounds just like the thing I need to help me kick start my new years healthy lifestyle (slowly puts down the pack of delicious chocolate biscuits).

Is it a Sprint or a Marathon?!

Well, the great thing about this new adventure is that its completely down to you. If you want to hit things hard, go for it! If not, like me, slow steady steps is the way forward. You set your goals and challenges. The Fool’s Errand team will set your daily puzzles.

Given the creativity seen from Enigmailed before, be prepared for all kinds of fun and frolics – but be sure to get them thinking caps on – this will be no walk in the park!

If, like me, the thought of pacing the streets on your own fills you with dread, there is no need to worry; you can also share your puzzles and daily challenges as a team of two!

Brilliantly, there is also no need to be a real gym bunny, marathon runner or Olympic swimmer to take part. You choose your charity, and pass the sponsorship form to friends, family, office colleagues, even the people you pass on the high street, and then you can select your daily fitness goals.

Be it a half hour daily dog walk, your 10,000 daily step allowance, a few lengths of the local swimming pool, hell, even chasing the kids up and door stairs every day to make sure they pick their toys up!

Every day throughout April you’ll be emailed over a daily puzzle challenge. Even if your legs haven’t been given a workout, we’re quite sure your brain will! Enigmailed have promised that the answer to each puzzle will give you a subtle instruction to the next days task!

Satisfaction, Guaranteed

Being the selfish guy I am, clearly I will be raising money for my own selected charity, but, what’s in it for me?!

Along with the satisfaction of building on the healthy lifestyle ethos which we all long for, and the daily momentous moments of smashing through puzzles, there will be a daily leader board, support through the online social media channels and, to help build my ego a little further, daily spot prizes for teams and individuals that go the extra mile!

To top it off, each participant receives a 45mm commemorative colour metal pin, which comes complete with a built-in puzzle! Let’s be honest, we are not going to go short of puzzles in April! We’re looking forward to it!

Time to Get the Running Shoes on ?!

Yes! Why the hell not. Raise money for whatever charity you want, build up your fitness, get your puzzle count up, give your brain a daily workout, and maybe if your lucky, pick up a prize along the way. The decision shouldn’t be difficult, even if this picture of me tells a different story!

Don’t be scared now Nick. Slowly put down the bourbon!

Pick up your individual or team ticket right now with an Early Bird discount. If you’re up for the challenge, sign up, and get your brain and body ready for what’s sure to be a brilliant summer!

To enter, visit:



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