The Escape Game: The Truth Seekers Remote Adventure | Review

 The Escape Game: The Truth Seekers Remote Adventure | Review

GO DEEP INTO THE HEART OF DARKNESS (well, a mysterious exhibit in an old museum) to find a powerful and ancient book of magic to reverse a spell and save the day! Solve your way into the mysterious curator’s office and get outta there before it’s too late. Oh, and it’s also haunted.

Rating: Phantom-tastic!
Completion Time: 37 minutes
Date Played: 22nd October 2020
Party Size: 7
Recommended For: Everyone! (Especially professional ghost hunters and fans of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost)

The new Amazon Original “Truth Seekers” is a light-hearted horror / comedy about a group of friends who team up to film ghost sightings across the UK. It’s kind of like Buzzfeed Unsolved’s Youtube series, but British. As a Brit myself and a huge fan of “Shaun of the Dead” and “The World’s End”, Truth Seekers is the TV show that might just make this ghastly year we call 2020 worth it after all.

So when I was invited by the awesome folks at The Escape Game to get a first preview of the tie-in escape game I was thrilled. You, and your group of friends, get to step into the shoes of the Truth Seekers team themselves and investigate a very strange paranormal spike at a museum in Weymouth.

On arrival into the Zoom call for your remote adventure you’re greeted by two members of The Escape Game team. The first is your host – a shout out to Kyle for running our game! The second is a Games Master *cough* I mean ‘on the ground’ member of the Truth Seekers kitted out with a camera and headset. They’re your eyes and ears on the ground and it’s your team’s job to direct them as they move around the room. You also meet Elton (Samson Kayo) over a pre-recorded video, who sets the scene nicely.

From here, your task is to find the Praecepta Mortuorum (a spooky looking book hidden in a very sinister looking place). But be warned! You’ll disturb the ghostly spirits the moment you lift it off it’s pedestal, so escaping won’t be quite so easy.

In our team of 7 was a motley crew of talented escapists from all around the globe! It’s fundamentally quite a collaborative game – so even though you may be placed in a Zoom call with total strangers, they’ll quickly become your family in the 45 minutes the game takes to complete.

One of the nice things about playing this game remotely is that unlike other Zoom games I’ve experienced this lockdown, you also have access to a 360 panel of the room to pinch, scroll and move about in at your own pace. Whilst everyone else is busy arguing about which book to pull off the shelf, you can spend time and zoom (no pun intended!) into closer details of the room… It’s almost like a real life escape room experience!

Even though I say it’s almost like a real escape room experience, the ways in which it’s different are delightful too. I don’t want to give away any spoilers but you may come face to face with a creepy doll. Nay, one of the most horrifyingly creepy dolls I’ve ever seen in my life. And then, when you’re looking the other way – she might just MOVE. BOOM, in your face, sitting right on top of a clue you need. *blood curdling scream*

Plus, and here’s one for the escape room enthusiasts out there, there’s no way to brute force anything. It’s completely cerebral! Make of that what you will, but I personally love seeing pristine props that have never been forced into a too-small hole.

Jokes aside, it was a really, really fun game. Just the ticket for a spooky Thursday night in before Halloween – I’m actually jealous of everyone else in the world who hasn’t yet played this, for they’ll get all the joy of experiencing this brilliant remote game all over again from the start. Go forth and beat our score, escape roomers!

The Truth Seekers Remote Adventure can be booked FOR FREE online here between the 23rd October until the 18th November 2020. But hurry! I reckon this one is going to book out quite quickly!



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The Escape Game: The Truth Seekers Remote Adventure | Review
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