ClueQuest: TimeQuest Kids

 ClueQuest: TimeQuest Kids

The Earlybirds are the youngest ever members of the Supervillain Organization of the World, and now they’ve got their hands on time travel technology! When they make their move, then the timeQuest team are going to need all the help they can get in stopping these juvenile villains, and saving the universe from a catastrophic time paradox!

Rating: Great Fun!
Completion Time: 1hr 14mins
Date Played: 18th October 2020
Party Size: 2
Recommended For: Kids

Today was a very ClueQuest kind of day! First thing in the morning, logging into Zoom and playing TimeQuest with my 11 year old brother then, in the afternoon, heading onto the site to play the new VR game “Dagger of Time”. But more on that later!

Due to the new London lockdown restrictions we’d planned to play this one in person around a table over Sunday lunch. But at the last minute we swapped to Zoom as to not mix households. I’d definitely still recommend giving this one a go face to face, but in a pinch playing digitally works nicely too.

Okay so I’ve NEVER played anything by ClueQuest I didn’t absolutely love. When I heard they’d released a game for kids, I couldn’t wait to play this with my brother. The same brother I took to Cluequest for his 10th birthday – yep, I reckon you could say we’re a family of fans.

TimeQuest did not disappoint, it was just as exciting, charming and fun as everything else the company produces. The puzzles were unique and brilliantly crafted, the illustrations engaging, and the narrative hilarious. Let me climb up on a roof one second and shout it a little bit louder for those at the back: “THIS GAME IS AWESOME!”

The story goes, the youngest two super villains (the Early Birds) have concocted a new, nefarious scheme to eliminate bed time forever. After all, if they keep getting sent to bed early how can they get up to more villainous activity? So, they travel back in time to get rid of time. Bear with me on this one. No time = no clocks = no bed time.

I hear kids around the world suddenly stirring, interested in this proposition. I for one can never get Player 2 to go to bed before midnight when I’m minding him. I think the Early Birds are onto something!

You, a team of secret agents working with Mr. Q (if you’re new here, he’s a mouse), must follow them through time and undo the damage they’ve caused. You’ll have to right all the historical wrongs, repair clocks from history, and put the Early Birds to bed once and for all.

In terms of puzzles, they’re actually challenging enough to be enjoyed by the whole family, not just kids. Player 2 and I were off to a rough start having to request rather a lot of clues on the first puzzle (oops!) – but once we got into the swing of things, we nailed it!

You’ll find yourself using good logical reasoning, hunting for hidden things in images and putting jigsaws back together. In other words, a good and accessible mix of puzzles!

As with the rest of Cluequest’s Print, Cut, Escape series, you get a series of chapters (in this game, 3!) and an online interface with which to input your answer at the end of each. I’ll admit – ClueQuest games are heavy on the printing and cutting, but it totally pays off with the creativity of puzzles and how much fun they are. It’s recommended to print and cut everything out in advance – especially if you’re preparing this game for a younger child to play.

We printed and cut as we went along, and generally took our time playing this one at a fun pace with snack breaks and spy music. Overall, a great time had by all.

TimeQuest can be purchased for £15 on ClueQuest’s website.


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