TERPECA Awards Season Begins – Dates for your Diary

 TERPECA Awards Season Begins – Dates for your Diary

It’s that time of the year again!

…And no, for once in my life I’m not talking about Halloween.

It’s the start of TERPECA season!

For the next few months the escape room industry will be all a-buzz, discussing and deliberating on which of the world’s escape rooms are the best and which will ultimately take home the coveted Enthusiast’s Choice Awards.

What is TERPECA?

The Top Escape Rooms Project is an attempt to find the very best escape rooms in the world by leveraging the experience of the most experienced escape room enthusiasts in the world. We serve escape room owners and designers by publicly recognizing their achievements, and we serve our fellow enthusiasts by providing an international bucket list of the best rooms to play.


Essentially, TERPECA is an annual award given to escape rooms (both in person and online) that are outstanding in their field. It is voted on by hundreds of enthusiasts around the world, with a few exceptions:

Enthusiasts may only vote on an escape room if they have played over 50 games.

Enthusiasts may only nominate escape rooms if they have played over 200 games.

Sounds Great! How do I get involved with TERPECA?

To get involved as a voter or a nominator at TERPECA 2021, you can sign up here: https://voters.terpeca.com.

If you’re an escape room owner and you have a room you believe deserves recognition, you can encourage the nomination-eligible TERPECA contributors in your area to come and play and nominate the game.

TERPECA 2021 Dates for your Diary

Sign-Ups – NOW

TERPECA Nominations Due – 31st October 2021

TERPECA Votes Due – 30th November 2021

TERPECA 2020 Stats

In 2020, TERPECA saw:

596 Contributors with 130,594 rooms played between them. The Top 10 real life escape rooms globally were:

  1. The Dome – Escape Room Nederland (Netherlands)
  2. Paradox Project 2: The Bookstore – Paradox Project (Greece)
  3. The Man From Beyond – Strange Bird Immersive (USA)
  4. El Exorcista – No Exit (Greece)
  5. The Sanatorium Midnight Mode – Lockhill (Greece)
  6. Aunt Hilda’s Room – Trip Trap (Switzerland)
  7. Cutthroat Cavern – 13th Gate Escape (USA)
  8. Dragonborn: The Innkeeper’s Son – Mad Mansion Vitoria (Spain)
  9. La Casa – Insomnia Corporation (Spain)
  10. Going Underground – Crime Runners (Austria)

In case you’re wondering, whilst no UK escape rooms won a TERPECA award, the following were nominated:

109. Loot the Lanes – Pier Pressure
120. Daylight Robbery – Cryptology
125. cQ ORIGENES – clueQuest
142. Nethercott Manor – Tulley’s Escape Rooms
154. Viking – Extremescape
159. Escape the RMS Titanic – Houdini’s Escape Room Experience
161. Curio – Escapologic
169. Extinct – Houdini’s Escape Room Experience
170. Pudding Lane 1666 – TimeTrap
195. Project Delta – Archimedes Inspiration
198. Age of Magic – Escape Reading

The Top 10 online escape rooms globally were:

  1. Pursuit of the Assassin Artist – Omescape (USA)
  2. Miss Jezebel Online – 60Out Escape Rooms (USA)
  3. Virtual Exorcist – Emergency Exit (UK)
  4. The Beast – Emergency Exit (UK)
  5. The Vanishing Act Remote – Locurio (USA)
  6. The Truth About Edith – Mad Genius Escapes (USA)
  7. B.A.D. Side of the Moon – Agent Venture (UK)
  8. Condemned 2 Online – Norcal Escape (USA)
  9. Project Avatar – Legendary Quests (Ukraine)
  10. Virtual X-Caper – Agent November (UK)

The results were announced lived here:

Board Members and Regional Ambassadors for 2021

Executive Board Members

  • Rich Bragg (USA)
  • Errol Elumir (Canada)
  • Heiner Stepen (Germany) πŸ†•
  • Victor Es & Maria Navarro Mendez (Spain) πŸ†•
  • Ken Ferguson (UK)
  • Sera Dodd (UK)
  • Daniel Egnor (USA)
  • David Spira & Lisa Spira (USA)

New to 2020, there is also a TERPECA ambassador program to help grow the project globally and reach other regions around the world with English-speaking escape rooms. The ambassadors are as follows:

Regional Ambassadors

  • Lee-Fay Low (Australia) πŸ†•
  • Stefan Bauer (Austria)
  • Dimitar Smilyanov & НадСТда ‘Π₯Π΅Ρ€Π°’ Π”Π°Π½Π°Π±Π°ΡˆΠ΅Π²Π° (Bulgaria)
  • Patrick Pilon (Canada) πŸ†•
  • Mel AssiΓ©toifaukjteparle (France)
  • Elli Kouliadelli (Greece)
  • Ron Kagan (Israel)
  • Pim Arts (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg)
  • Wojtek Nadara (Poland)
  • Ryan Driver (Switzerland) πŸ†•


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