Puzzletember: A Brand New Puzzle Event by Curious Correspondence Club Launches September 1st

 Puzzletember: A Brand New Puzzle Event by Curious Correspondence Club Launches September 1st

This September you can have even more puzzles with your puzzles!

That’s right, Curious Correspondence Club has announced that every day from the 1st – 30th of September they’ll be dropping a new puzzle on their Instagram account. Each of the 30 puzzles is designed by a different creator in the play-at-home escape room industry, and each comes with a chance to be entered into a daily prize draw!

Puzzletember Announcement Video (c) CCC Facebook

Whilst the full lineup of designers has not yet been announced, Curious Correspondence will be hinting at who each designer is in their Instagram story earlier each day. One thing is for sure, and that’s the companies they’ve teased so far are sure to make this a very special event!

Expect puzzle contributions from the likes of:

… And many more!

Their first puzzle will launch later today and is by their own team of Curious Correspondence designers. Stay tuned!

How Will Puzzletember Work?

When: 1pm EST every day (6pm UK time)
Where: Curious Correspondence Club’s Instagram account
How: The first agents to send @curiouscorrespondence a direct message on Instagram each day with the correct answer to be entered into the prize draw.

If you need a clue, Curious Correspondence Club encourage the community to support one another in the comments section of their puzzles… But be sure not to spoil the fun for anyone!

To get in on the action, head to Curious Correspondence Club’s Instagram and hit Follow + the Bell Icon to be notified when they post new puzzles.

Image (c) Curious Correspondence

About The Curious Correspondence Club

The Curious Correspondence Club describes itself as

“…an immersive analogue puzzle experience delivered right to your door. Each new envelope contains the next chapter of an ongoing episodic adventure, filled with cryptic challenges to confound you and your friends. Scour physical documents and ephemera, construct papercraft tools and devices, and immerse yourself in a unique deductive experience each month.”

Curious Correspondence Club

Currently they have 6 unique adventures launched, each lasting between 60-90 minutes to play:

  • Chapter I: The Custodian’s Keys
  • Chapter II: Warehouse on the Wharf
  • Chapter III: The Tinker’s Trinket
  • Chapter IV: The Moonlight Escapade
  • Chapter V: Serpents of the Sand
  • Chapter VI: Milton Manor
Puzzletember Curious Correspondence September Puzzles Prizes
Puzzletember Logo (c) Curious Correspondence


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