Tickets for Punchdrunk’s ‘The Burnt City’ go on sale this week – likely to be London’s hottest ticket of 2022

 Tickets for Punchdrunk’s ‘The Burnt City’ go on sale this week – likely to be London’s hottest ticket of 2022

“As the smoke soars on wings to heaven, so sinks our city.”


In the smouldering promise of the fall of Troy, a mythical world of Gods and mortals rises from the ashes.

As Greece teeters on the brink of victory, the neon backstreets of Downtown Troy give way to a sprawling labyrinth hiding secrets even the prophecies could not foretell.

In this colossal playground, the furies watch on as mortals play out their fate.

And as night falls, the city comes alive.

One last time.

Punchdrunk The Burnt City Tickets

From Wednesday 8th September at 10am, tickets for Punchdrunk’s latest London show The Burnt City go live. The Burnt City will be an immersive performance like no other, taking place in a space over 100,000 square feet large at the Grade II listed Woolwich Works.

Woolwich Works. Credit: Julian Abrams

Whilst not a lot is known about the show just yet, we do know that The Burnt City will be a modern adaptation of two Greek legends: Aeschylus’s Agamemnon and Euripides’s Hecuba. In a futuristic, slightly post-apocalyptic world more reminiscent of Metropolis, one area of the experience will represent Troy and the other will represent Greece.

Bringing Punchdrunk’s world alive is a cast of 30 actors playing a mix of Gods and Monsters. The experience begins with what is described as a “swish museum tour”, before falling into The Burnt City itself. From here it will be up to the players to explore and interact with their environment over the three-hour showtime to fully experience the awe-inspiring world.

Photograph: Julian Abrams

The show will run from the 22nd March 2022 to the 28th August 2022 and will have a capacity of over 600 per show! Whilst this is a marked increase from their previous production Kaberoi (with a capacity of 2 per show), tickets are set to be just as sought after… So be sure to set an alarm!


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