Next Level Escape: A Temporal Tangle

 Next Level Escape: A Temporal Tangle

The Future Directions Bureau sent their top agent (code name Fox) on a crucial mission in the 21st century to preserve the timeline. However, Agent Fox has now disappeared from the time stream. Enemy action is suspected – it’s up to you to trace his whereabouts and save the future.

Rating: Excellent!
Completion Time: 1 hr 15 minutes
Date Played: 11th November 2020
Party Size: 1
Recommended For: People in lockdown missing escape rooms

So I recommend this one for “People in lockdown missing escape rooms” because it’s actually the closest experience to an escape room I’ve had in lockdown so far? No seriously! It’s… Exactly what you’d expect from an escape room. I almost regret doing this as a solo player rather than calling round to my regular team, but we live and learn!

A Temporal Tangle perfectly recreates that experience that’s been missing from my life as of late. Yes, it’s a point and click. But, like an escape room you can pick up (or click, I should say) literally everything. You want to look out the window and rattle an air vent twenty times? Why yes you can! And yes I did.

There are locks to fiddle with, boxes to open, drawers to pull open, plants to ruffle through. Some objects you need to pick up and handle too – with a 3D object manipulator, this is no problem. As you go, you collect items that may be used later, such as keys or trinkets. But the best part? It’s from the comfort of your own home. The ‘escape room from home’ genre is SO HARD to crack but, dare I say it, Next Level Escape has done it. Not just done it – but done it with style too!

This game is not just a joy to play, but visually very impressive! It combines real life sets and graphically designed elements in a seamless way. Every time I entered a new ‘area’ (especially the last location), I was taken aback by how many exciting things there were to interact with and how ‘wow’ some of the sets look. Nothing felt unrealistic, in fact I almost forgot it was a digital game and that I couldn’t just plonk myself down on a chair to think for a minute or so.

The real stand out with this game (I’ve saved the best to last!) is definitely the storyline. A Temporal Tangle tells a story of… Well, where do I begin? It’s about climate change, but also has an underlying future apocalypse sci-fi vibe. There’s spaceships and time travel. But at the core? At the core of the story it’s beautiful and heart breaking. I don’t want to give any spoilers but I bet you can guess what my sentimental self chose in the “choose your own ending” final few minutes of the game.

*dabs eyes and blows nose*

In summary, A Temporal Tangle was an ABSOLUTE JOY to play. I picked it out based on a recommendation from Escape Mattster and was not disappointed. But if you’re planning on giving it a go, don’t be like me! Play it with a small group of friends – it’s too good for a game not to share with your loved ones!

A Temporal Tangle can currently be purchase for $5 AUD per person on Next Level Escape’s website here. All screenshots for this review are not my own, but taken from the Next Level Escape press pack!



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