Cardiff Escape Rooms: Post-a-Puzzle

 Cardiff Escape Rooms: Post-a-Puzzle

Post-a-Puzzle is a wonderful way of keeping in touch. It can be used as a greeting card and gift in itself or even better, an exciting way to present a gift!

Rating: Fun!
Completion Time: ~35 Minutes
Date Played: 12th November 2020
Party Size: 1.5
Recommended For: A Birthday Gift!

You get a puzzle! You get a puzzle! You get a puzzle! *hurling Post-a-Puzzle envelopes at all my friends*

How to describe Post-a-Puzzle? So much fun! Whenever I review anything OF COURSE my current state of mind affects how I play and how I review. I headed into Post-a-Puzzle all bubbly and excited and it totally fit! THEN came the confetti. I’m sold. This was so darn fun.

Post-a-Puzzle is a new product from Escape Rooms Cardiff splashing into the “this is a really cool way to send a gift” market just in time for Christmas. The formula is familiar (but effective!) – you receive a mysterious letter in the mail. Contained inside is a ‘secret message’ from a friend but, in order to unlock it, you must work through a series of puzzles. Each puzzle gives a small chunk of code (in this case, 1 – 5 digits) which form your username to log into a website and claim your friend’s message.

…In short, it’s a really lovely way to jazz up a gift. Planning on sending vouchers, or want to record yourself singing happy birthday? An extra like this makes the whole gift-giving experience extra special. Plus, since you can pick your own card to go with the game – there’s something for every occasion too.

In terms of puzzles, I’d rate this one around a “easy/medium” difficulty level. There’s a comfortable combination of puzzles I’ve seen before (and spotted right away how to solve), and ones that took a little bit longer to think about!

You’ll need a pair of scissors and some tape or glue mind. A couple of the puzzles in this will require thinking outside the box (once you’ve assembled a box, of course!). In particular, there’s a puzzle right at the end (no spoilers here though) that took us very long to figure out but gave such a “OH THATS COOL!” moment when we did. If in doubt whether you’re allowed to cut something, go for it!

I say ‘we’, but you might have noticed I’ve marked this as 1.5 players in my stats. Player 2 dipped in and out of the game, posing for the photos, providing moral support and topping up my glass of wine. I joke, but in this case some of the puzzles I couldn’t solve he cracked in an instant. So if you’re planning on giving this as a gift, it would go down well for a couple or a family group. More heads are better than one.

But overall I think the thing we enjoyed most about this whole experience was how bright and fun the game was. Now, maybe this is the balloon card and confetti talking (which is an optional add-on I should mention quickly), but something about the whole experience felt good. From the moment the large and bright letter came through the door, to finding the card, to the really, really lovely message and photo the owners had left for me at the end. This game is excitement in an envelope shaped package.

Let’s face it, we (or most parts of the UK anyway) are in lockdown still. I haven’t seen my friends in weeks, some in months, and some not since February this year?! But this is just the kind of gift I’d love to send everyone I know. A little “hey I’m thinking of you”, packed with fun puzzles, a short respite from *gestures at the world* this.

Thank you Post-a-Puzzle and Escape Rooms Cardiff!

Post-a-Puzzle can be purchased for £12.99 from Post-a-Puzzle’s website here. There are optional gift voucher and confetti add-ons.



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