Clue Cracker: Fairground Felony | Review

 Clue Cracker: Fairground Felony | Review

Faskin’s Fairground has come to town and you are buzzing with excitement! You love the thrill of the rides, the sweet sugary smell of candy floss and the sound of the old-time music ringing throughout the park.

Rating: Hilarious
Completion Time: 41 Minutes
Date Played: 7th of June 2020
Party Size: 2

Fairground Felony is one of the latest in the series of online escape games from Clue Cracker. It’s much longer than our previous, Escape from Extinction Island, but no less charming! If you love hilariously bad puns, brilliant acting and lighthearted adventure, then Fairground Felony is for you.

I can’t compliment the team enough, Clue Cracker’s sense of humour is spot on. At the time of writing, their website has a tagline:

Bored of watching Coronavirus updates? Not sure which wall to stare at for the next two hours? Well, fear not!

They’re not wrong! A day after my birthday excitement has died down, on a rainy day staring out the window, Fairground Felony was just what the doctor ordered in these difficult times.

In terms of gameplay, Fairground Felony has you work through 19 ‘levels’. At the conclusion of which, you input a password which is usually a 4 digital code, or a scramble of letters, or a name. This then takes you to the next ‘level’. This mechanic worked pretty well for their other games, but it works perfectly for this one! Each level takes you to a new area of the fairground: The Haunted House, the Arcade, the Magician’s Tent and so on. Each level has it’s own brilliant character (I want to learn more about this bearded lady!), usually a fun video, and always a perfectly appropriate puzzle.

I would say it IS on the more difficult side. There were at least 2 puzzles I’m not even sure I understand now, and at least one puzzle where I think I found an alternative solution to. But if you do come up against anything too tricky, there are hints on every page. I mention this as I believe it’s better played with a bigger group of people so you can all solve it together (or argue!). Playing it as a group of 2 was challenging – but perhaps just the right kind of challenging to work!

At the fear of this review getting too long I wanted to round off by saying honestly it was outstanding. Furthermore, the team deserve all the praise in the world for being so helpful with some minor technical difficulties.

It’s one of the easiest 5 stars I’ve ever given!

Fairground Felony can be purchased for £9.99 on Clue Cracker’s website – check our their bundles too!


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