Clue Cracker: Escape from Extinction Island

“Extinction Island is a man-made island, near to Mongolia, created especially to breed dinosaurs using old fossilised bones and a whole lot of science!”

Rating: Hilarious
Completion Time: 25 minutes
Date Played: 9th of May 2020
Party Size: 2

I LOVED THIS GAME SO MUCH! No seriously, let me repeat that louder for people in the back. It was fantastic.

Escape from Extinction Island begins with a mysterious broadcast from your mentor, Professor McDougall. Something terrible has gone wrong on the island, dinosaurs are loose everywhere and you must go to his house to discover co-ordinates and send help before it’s too late!

It’s an escape room in every classic sense and has buckets of charm! We played on a sunny way with our window wide open – I just can’t get the sound of sirens from Extinction island blaring out onto the balcony and Professor McDougall screaming “LISTEN” out of my head!

In terms of puzzles – Escape from Extinction Island follows quite a linear flow and is aided by the computer interface. To proceed, you must enter a code or a password. None of it feels forced, it’s quite natural to input a code or word at each stage and there’s a strong sense of positive feedback when you get something correct.

We didn’t need to use many clues, so I’m pitching this game on the slightly easier side. That combined with the theme makes it fantastic for families – I actually wish I could go back and play this with my parents and little brother! But there’s always next time – Clue Cracker has many more to try!

Overall, another easy 5 star game with a bonus shout out to how brilliant Professor McDougall’s character and acting was. I want to see more McDougall in future games please!

Escape from Extinction Island can be purchased for £9.99 from Clue Cracker’s website.

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