Welcome Georgie, our newest writer in London!

 Welcome Georgie, our newest writer in London!

In very exciting news for The Escape Roomer team today, as we’re pleased to welcome Georgie as our latest Escape Room editor for London, the South and Wales! Georgie is currently based in London but joins us with a wealth of experience playing (and absolutely smashing the leader boards of) escape rooms all across the United Kingdom.

You may know her writing from the leading escape room review site Discomlogicated. Since playing her first game in 2016, she’s steadily racked up the play count to well over 100! Es-cake is in order ๐ŸŽ‚

Georgie will be a regular face posting news and reviews from all over the UK, but her area of expertise is London, the South, and her home, Wales. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for the occasional board game and video game content.

Please join us in making Georgie feel extra welcome! Onwards and upwards!

Without further adieu, here’s Georgie to introduce herself:

Hey Georgie! Please introduce yourself

Hey – sounds like you’ve done a good job of that for me already!

I moved to London in 2018, around the same time escape rooms were growing in the UK, so I quickly covered off most of the rooms back home in Wales, around Bristol and Bath (where I went to uni) and then London.

I grew up playing lots of board games and puzzles, so I feel like escape rooms were just a natural progression for me! When I’m not geeking out with those, I’m either reading or baking – I’m definitely cultivating the grandma persona!

Do you have any favourite escape rooms?

Oh man, so many! For the longest time “Time Run” was top of my list (there’s a throwback for you!), but recently that’s been knocked off by “LockedIn Edinburgh”. If you can’t make it that far North, I’d also recommend “Loot the Lanes” down south in Brighton or pretty much any room in Reading!

An Interview with an Enthusiast Georgie Discomlogicated

You go into a new room, whatโ€™s the first thing you do?

Search for hiding places! Rip out drawers, open anything that looks like an obvious hiding place – my first 30 seconds tend to be pretty manic. Once we’ve got a good collection of things going I then figure out where the puzzles are!

So, new year! What are you most looking forward to in 2022?

There are so many new and upcoming rooms I can’t wait to get into! I wrote a post about these rooms last year, but most were pushed back to 2022!

Top of my list at the moment has to be Quick-E-Mart at Ctrl Alt Escape in Margate. I’m going to save that for when their other new rooms are open too, as well as the ones ‘Escapement’ have planned which sound groundbreaking.

Do you have anything fun in the works you can tease here?

Ooh I have a few ideas! I’ve just finished writing a book about escape rooms, so we’ll probably post some teasers of that on the blog. I’m also bringing more Welsh rooms to TER and I can’t wait to get my hands on a certain Kickstarter I invested in…

A huge shout out to Georgie! If you want to learn more about Georgie, we interviewed her as an enthusiast last year! You can also keep up with all of her posts on The Escape Roomer here, or head over to Instagram and Twitter to follow her directly.


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