The Pouroboros Hoard begins TODAY: hunt across London for a treasure chest of real Roman Coins

 The Pouroboros Hoard begins TODAY: hunt across London for a treasure chest of real Roman Coins

Today, treasure hunters in London have a brand new challenge to get stuck into: The Pouroboros Hoard! It’s been a fair few months (or years even) that we’ve had a fun real-life puzzle hunt to get our teeth stuck into. I blame the pandemic. But with spring on the horizon and lockdown finally eased in the UK, bright things may be ahead.

The adventure is brought to you by Enigmailed in support of their upcoming Kickstarter launch, Notable Remains.

The Pouroboros Hoard is a collection of genuine Roman coins, stowed within a unique wooden chest. You need to identify the hiding point of the hoard (which has been signposted) which is in a public space within three miles of Trafalgar Square.


The new challenge follows the success of the company’s previous Kickstarter: Pouroboros and takes players across iconic locations in London in search of the treasure. However, players can still take part from anywhere in the world (and win!) without having boots on the ground in the UK’s capital.

The best part? More coins will be added over the course of the hunt for each week the treasure remains undiscovered!

Pouroboros Escape Game Review

The treasure hunt is a series of clues using what3words to encode nine unique locations within London. Once players have cracked the codes and identified all nine locations, the next step is to triangulate the information to reveal the mysterious location of the Pouroboros Hoard.

The nine locations are identified by playing Pouroboros game, which was released this month after the successful Kickstarter run. Whilst this may give early backers a little head start – anybody can get started for free by heading to this link here.

The first person to correctly identify the location of the treasure in an email will win the Pouroboros Hoard! That winner (and the answer) will be publicly announced at the beginning of the Notable Remains Kickstarter.

About Notable Remains Kickstarter

Not a lot is known about Notable Remains Kickstarter yet besides a tantalising image and description, but the countdown is now officially on. What we do know is that it;ll involve maps, remote islands, and of course: treasure!

You can follow their Kickstarter by heading to this link here.

Challenge Accepted!

If yo’re itching to get started and don’t want to wait a single second more, here’s the TLDR handily prepared by Enigmailed:

  • Download this document
  • Follow Notable remains on Kickstarter
  • Identify the nine locations
  • Identify the secret word hidden for each location
  • Work out the order of these into three groups of three
  • Use what3words to identify these locations, and what they triangulate on
  • Email hello [at] with HOARD LOCATION as the subject line
  • Attach the screenshot, as well as details of the location

Good luck, treasure hunters!


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