The Escape Roomer is on The Infinite Escape Room Podcast!

 The Escape Roomer is on The Infinite Escape Room Podcast!

Look mum, we’re on a podcast!

We’re super excited to have been invited onto our favourite podcast, The Infinite Escape Room to take on the latest chapter in their (if the name weren’t a giveaway already) “infinite” escape room. On a sunny Thursday night, Mairi, Al & Ash got together with a cup of their favourite brews for “Down the Rabbit’s Hole”. How did we get on? Scroll to the bottom of this page to listen.

The Infinite Escape Room is “The puzzling podcast where a group of chums have a drink & work together to solve a homemade escape room” and each week you can join the team comprised of Mike, Ben, Jon and Jamie to solve-along with a new audio escape room, continuing the adventure week by week.

At The Escape Roomer we are all huge fans of The Infinite Escape Room, and highly recommend it for everyone who enjoys a laugh, a beer, and a puzzle.


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Here are the two episodes you can catch us on, and when they air:

But don’t forget, if you subscribe to them on Patreon you can listen to all episodes a week early and get unedited versions.

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