The Cabin

 The Cabin

The family cabin is the traditional location for all Christmas dinners. Arriving after a long drive from the city through a snow storm, you find your family is missing. You must search the cabin and unravel this mystery.

Time Played: 6 minutes
Console: Computer
Recommended For: A quick puzzle!

I spotted The Cabin trending on this morning and, with a description like this, I couldn’t resist downloading it and giving it a go! A mysterious cabin, Christmas trees and a missing family? Sign me up!

The Cabin is actually the result of a 48 hour game jam by 3rd year Game Design student @HNewtonGD, submitted to the Yogscast Game Jam 2020 under the title of “Surprise!”.

Surprising? Yes it is! The ‘puzzle’ isn’t much – in fact, the game play revolves around finding 4 keys hidden around a sinister looking cabin, avoiding the jump scares and rummaging in around drawers. Once found, you finally unlock that tantalising door to reveal a twist ending.

As a free to play game, it’s good fun! But don’t expect anything hugely in depth, or difficult. It’s a fun way to while away a couple of minutes. Just be sure to avoid that snowman!

The Cabin can be downloaded for free on


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