Modern Treasure Hunt: The V.O.C. Treasure | Review

 Modern Treasure Hunt: The V.O.C. Treasure | Review

The VOC Treasure Review | Sunk on a mysterious V.O.C. (Dutch version of the East India Company) ship, join the Van Amstel family and claim your family’s rightful inheritance!

Rating: Creative
Completion Time: 50 minutes
Date Played: 7th of January 2020
Party Size: 3

In this time of quarantine – you have to get creative and play an “at home” escape room. Now there are TONNES on the market and all my favourite escape room companies are releasing more daily. But sometimes the best ones are the hidden gems you find on Kickstarter, which is exactly what this is!

The V.O.C. Treasure is a play at home boxed game by Modern Treasure Hunt – at the time of writing they’re offering a 10% discount due to COVID-19 and it’s worth it for the beautiful looking box and few hours of fun it will give you!

The V.O.C. Treasure arrives with a mysterious letter from you estranged uncle, a famous treasure hunter. He has left you his incredible inheritance. But you have to find it first!

It’s available in Dutch and English – I played the English version. It also comes in an absolutely awesome big wooden treasure chest, which is a great keepsake even when the treasure is found. It’s replayable, and most important – brilliant fun.

Gameplay revolves around the concept of a logic grid. There are a number of ships, items of treasure, locations et al. By solving all the individual puzzles (which I should add, range from ultra creative things inside a wine bottle), to more manual sorting, and a slightly frustrating mini-puzzle that needs a magnifying glass to solve! At the end, you input all the information you have and only then can you track down your treasure.

I haven’t played a logic grid game in a long time and VOC Treasure does it quite well. We did have to use quite a few clues to nail the game. As such, I’ve rated it 3 stars for the creativity and I’ll definitely be excited to see what this company comes up with in the future.

The VOC Treasure can be purchased for €49.95 on Modern Treasure Hunt‘s website.


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The VOC Treasure Review
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