Jersey Island: The Escape Room Guide

 Jersey Island: The Escape Room Guide

The Channel Islands aren’t particularly known for their immersive experiences, such as escape rooms or treasure hunts… But why the heck not?! The ones you will find here are absolute hidden gems! Here’s a must-visit list if you’re an escape room enthusiast.

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The Best Escape Rooms in Jersey

Quest Escape Rooms

Quest is the biggest escape room company in Jersey and located in the heart of the capital, St. Helier. Situated on the waterfront in the Cineworld building, the escape rooms can be found tucked away at the back of Arcadia. Easy to miss if you’re not looking, but well worth the visit!

Currently, Quest offers three escape rooms:

Steve, one of the lead game designers on these rooms is also a Games Master at Quest! We were super lucky to have him run our room whilst there – it’s always good to get a full walkthrough of the game by the designer themselves, so if you see Steve running one of your rooms, be sure to say hello from us!

You can check out Steve’s work at Imperial Light & Magic on Instagram.

Space Quest

The UES Radiance has sent out a distress signal on its return to Earth. The spaceship’s core functions have failed and it is now on a collision course with the Earth’s atmosphere. It is up to your team to bring the ship back online. But with only 50 minutes and a lock-in situation, your mission will be dangerous. Can you save the ship and prevent disaster? The clock is ticking!

Time: 50 mins
Difficulty: 8/10
Pass Rate: 4/10

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Mission: Impossible Breakout

Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to locate six bombs that have been hidden around the world. Then you will need to disarm a dirty bomb targeting the nation and its ancient past. As agents of the Impossible Mission force, you find yourself in the secret hideout of Dr Dunn. Find out what he was hiding and avoid the traps to complete your mission! The clock is ticking to save yourself, save Egypt and save History.

Time: 50 mins
Difficulty: 7/10
Pass Rate: 5/10

Quest Escape Rooms Jersey Review

Secrets of Horus

Step through the eye of Horus into the lost tomb of secrets and wonder. You’ll need to use your skills as young archaeologists to ensure you’re not trapped ten feet under. Discover clues left behind from those who aimed to uncover and find. Suited for a younger audience or groups looking for a fast paced introduction to escape rooms…

Time: 30 mins
Difficulty: 7/10
Pass Rate: 6/10

Quest Escape Room Jersey Review Mission Impossible Breakout
Photo (c) Quest Escape Rooms

Jersey War Tunnels

The second escape room in Jersey can be found at the Jersey War Tunnels. During World War II Jersey was occupied by German forces and during this time the war tunnels were dug deep into the hillside in the centre of the island. In the heart of the tunnels is a little space set aside for an escape room: Operation Constellation.

Currently, there is one room available, which is getting a big overhaul in 2022 by- you guessed it- Steve! Jersey Wars Tunnels also have plans to open a second room, so keep an eye out for that in the near future.

Operation Constellation

It is 1943 and Chief of Combined Operations, Vice Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten, has conceived Operation Constellation, a daring offensive against the Channel Islands. A team of elite commandos are to land on Jersey and break into Ho8 (Jersey War Tunnels).

Your mission is to access the German Commandant’s Office and find the locations of the newly constructed fortifications. You will have to search, identify clues and decipher puzzles to find the locations and discover the code to unlock the door. You will have one hour to complete your mission. Good luck teams. God Save the King!

Jersey War Rooms Escape Room Review

Other Immersive Things to do in Jersey

Run out of escape rooms? Fear not – Jersey is an excellent destination for all things immersive, and you can lose yourself in these activities to scratch that puzzle itch.

Geocaching on Jersey

At the time of writing, there are over 200 Geocaches on Jersey Island! If you’re unsure what Geocaching is, check out our handy guide here.

Secret City Trails: Statues, Sailors and Soldiers

Secret City Trails (the creators behind London’s Camden and Primrose Hill walk, and Colour, Curiosities and Courtyards) also have an outdoor puzzle trail: Statues, Sailors and Soldiers. It’s a short walk around St. Helier created by locals Callum and Philippa to inspire and delight visitors. From historic battles to life during the occupation, from castles to cattle markets, to tales of thousands toads… Secret City Trails is a great way to see the city.

It costs £24 per group, starts and ends at Liberation Square and takes around 4km. The best part about Secret City Trails is that you can play any time.

The Blind Pig Speakeasy

Blink and you’ll miss it! The Blind Pig is a true speakeasy in every sense of the word, hidden behind some bins in a very unassuming alley, look out for the tiny blind pig emblem and knock to enter. In the week we spent in Jersey, The Blind Pig became our regular – one of the most cosy and curious experiences of the whole island.

Since finding this place was harder than escaping from all the other escape rooms on the island, it deserves a place on this list! So why not check it out for a celebratory tipple once you’ve worked up your thirst puzzling all day.

How to Find The Blind Pig Speakeasy Jersey

On Pier Road you want to look for a little alley leading underneath a residential building. It’s almost directly opposite the Societe Jersiaise’s back entrance. Once in the alley you’ll spot a newly constructed wooden fence. Take a closet look at this fence for the Blind Pig and you’ll know you’re in the right place!

Have we missed your favourite immersive thing to do in Jersey? Let us know in the comments!


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