eScape.UK: The Beach

 eScape.UK: The Beach

While you have been taking your afternoon siesta in your deck chair they have been plotting to trap you on the beach to pay you back for all the tricks you have played on them. The only way off the beach is by a cliff path and they have locked the gate.

Rating: Fun!
Completion Time: 33 minutes
Date Played: 26th October 2020
Party Size: 1
Recommended For: Everyone

The Beach is a fun and easy to play escape game from the folks behind Learning Connections – an interactive educational content company over this side of the pond in the UK. There’s a brand new series of online escape games and I chose to get stuck into the most recent, “The Beach” to start!

The idea is simple. You’ve come on holiday with a group of friends but, after oversleeping one morning, they decide to get you back for all the practical jokes you’d played on the trip! All the huts are locked and, unless you want to spend the night sleeping in the office, you’ve got work to do!

A mean but well spirited prank – if you don’t crack the codes in time, you’ll miss the end of holiday dinner. If there’s one thing I know about British sea holiday goers, they love a good end of holiday dinner (I’m speaking from experience here. *dreams of fish and chips*)

As a game, it’s a classic point and click with strong escape room vibes! You move left to right through a variety of locations, finding items and using them by clicking on them (or a combination) at the right time. You’ll find ciphers, codes, and other hidden details in unexpected locations. You’ll also have to memorise (or screenshot *coughcough*) bits as you go in order to utilise them later on.

I found the game slightly on the difficult side – it might be that I’m not used to the point and click mechanic. It might also be that I’m playing this one over 2 days from the comfort of my bed, right before bed. But I did really enjoy the cerebral challenge The Beach posed of “okay what can I do with this item in my hand”.

The Beach can be played online for £10 by heading to eScape.UK’s website.


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