Enibot: Mission: Mars | Review

 Enibot: Mission: Mars | Review

Enibot Mission: Mars Review | Join a once in a lifetime mission! In the mission you will go through the astronaut selection process. If successful, you will join the first manned flight to Mars to find life signs! You must prove yourselves along the way via interesting challenges and smart and creative puzzles.

Date Played: 30th August 2021
Number of Players: 4
Difficulty: Medium
Time Taken: 45 minutes

One small step for Team: Al, Ash, Mairi, Tasha… And one giant leap for mankind!

After receiving a code to play Enibot’s Mission: Mars as part of the RECON play pass, we wasted no time before arranging another of our weekly escape room get togethers to try the at-home digital escape game out. It’s been a long time in lockdown, and heck, I can’t think where better to spend a Sunday evening than as far away from here as humanly possible: Mars!

Mars Needs you!

The story behind Mission: Mars is very much in the title. You must embark upon a mission to… You guessed it… Mars! It’s a short, light-hearted, and very fun little digital game that follows you and your intrepid team of space explorers receiving an invitation, passing the test, and journeying to the red planet. Throughout your trip you’ll encounter obstacles, difficulties, and more than a few puzzles to be solved before you can progress!

Whilst it probably won’t be winning any awards for outstanding storytelling, it is a classic escape room space adventure. A reliable and predictable narrative injected with puzzle solving fun! Being playable via your browser makes it accessible to a wide audience and it’s a fun way to spend an hour with friends. Very nice!

About Enibot & Quala

Enibot is a technology startup with the goal to create a software for digital escape rooms. To bring Mission: Mars to life, Enibot has also collaborated with Israel-based escape room company Quala. According to Enibot’s website,

After gaining experience together in hundreds of escape rooms, we came to the conclusion that it was time to create something special. We combined together puzzles and games with our unique and fun platform to create the perfect gaming experience for you!

Step One: Crack the Code & Travel to Mars

Mission: Mars is best played with one person sharing their screen and the rest of the team following along. When we first opened the game, it wasn’t immediately clear who would be the ‘lead’ screen-sharer, but we quickly figured it out after a couple of refreshes. From here, we were in!

The game is sectioned out into a number of unique scenes which tell the story of you and your team journeying to Mars. The flow of the game is fairly simple: Each scene has around one or two puzzles to be solved before you can progress to the next. To progress, you’ll find a chat-bot style interface on the left hand side of your screen where you need to input your next password. In most cases, this was a single keyword, but it could also be a number.

In an interface similar to Telescape, each scene we encountered was either an interactive image, for example our cockpit in the space shutter, or a 360 degree room we could click and drag and navigate around seamlessly! One of my favourite parts of Mission: Mars actually involved the sequences where we would find 3D modelled items and would need to rotate them to find specific details. Enibot handles this super well, and we found ourselves spinning planets around looking for minute details, and holding up Mars Rovers to discover hidden codes! Absolutely amazing!

To help you on your journey, you may ask for a number of clues. Clues and incorrect guesses will count against your final score, and we made 5 of them! Ooops!

One of the puzzles we enjoyed the most was the ‘takeoff to Mars’ sequence, performing all the last minute checks before your shuttle can take off. Here your screen is fully interactive and packed with dials and buttons to press and pull. It was pretty complex, but a lot of fun! I reckon after that we’re all just about ready to pilot a real space shuttle… Just waiting for my call from NASA any day now!

Don’t Forget to take a Selfie on Mars!

No escape room is complete without a team selfie at the end, right? One of the most unique features in Mission: Mars came right at the end of the game. Once you’ve successfully completed your mission – the game prompts a “photobooth”, offering boomerangs or still photos on the surface of Mars.

The Verdict

Enibot’s Mission: Mars is a sweet and light-hearted game! I think first and foremost it’s been designed as a showcase of their software – with different levels showcasing exactly how cool their software is. Above all, it’s also just a fun game! Not to be taken too seriously, it’s a fun way to spend an hour or two, escaping from the disaster we call ‘Earth’.

There’s some real fun humourous moments elevating the game, such as your crew saying “Oops, we didn’t think you were going to make it so we already locked the door!”. With a nice mix of puzzles to boot, it’s a well rounded digital escape room game with a fun theme.

Due to the nature of one player needing to share their screen, we’d recommend Mission: Mars be best played by players all in the same room. This would also mean that you can get all players in on the end-of-game selfie!

Currently, our team is third on the leaderboard! Think you can beat us?

Enibot’s Mission: Mars can be purchased for $30 USD on Enibot’s website here.
For 10% off your mission, you can use promo code TheEscapeRoomer (valid until 30th Sept 2022)



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Enibot: Mission: Mars | Review
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