Real Escape Game: Escape from the Lockdown – The Strange Village

A villager by day, and a monster that attacks people by night. A werewolf. In order to minimize the damage, the village took many countermeasures. Outing restrictions. Villagers surveilling each other. Village lockdown. One night, the terrifying howl of a werewolf echoed throughout the village. In the morning, a body covered in blood was discovered. Rating: Outstanding!Completion Time: ~120 minutesDate Played: 1st November 2020Party Size: 2Recommended For: Accessible to … Continue reading Real Escape Game: Escape from the Lockdown – The Strange Village

eScape.UK: The Beach

While you have been taking your afternoon siesta in your deck chair they have been plotting to trap you on the beach to pay you back for all the tricks you have played on them. The only way off the beach is by a cliff path and they have locked the gate. Rating: Fun!Completion Time: 33 minutesDate Played: 26th October 2020Party Size: 1Recommended For: Everyone The Beach is a … Continue reading eScape.UK: The Beach

Access Escape: Escape the Mailbox: The Diamond Detective

You sip your morning coffee, you need it, it’s 4:30AM! You were happily asleep in bed just 90 minutes ago when you were rudely awoken by a phone call. There had been a robbery at the local jewellers, a total of ten million pounds of jewelry stolen. Rating: Something Different!Completion Time: 20 MinutesDate Played: 16th October 2020Party Size: 1Recommended For: People who want more interesting emails in their life … Continue reading Access Escape: Escape the Mailbox: The Diamond Detective

Try 2 Escape: A Pirate’s Life

You are a brave pirate who has been trying to find Blackbeard’s treasure for many years. You know if you find his treasure this would make you the Pirate of all Pirates. You’ll need to use all your cunning and bravery to solve the clues to find where the treasure lies and sail the seven seas. Rating: Yo ho yes!Completion Time: 35 minutesDate Played: 15th October 2020Party … Continue reading Try 2 Escape: A Pirate’s Life

Control the Escape: Astronomical Oxygen Disaster

After orbiting space for three months, you and your team of astronauts have found yourselves in a tricky situation – oxygen supplies are rapidly depleting! Somewhat fortunately, you are aware of a back up supply held elsewhere on the spaceship. Find the oxygen tanks and make sure it’s quick! Rating: A Real Treat!Completion Time: 30 minutesDate Played: 1st September 2020Party Size: 1 I get a little nervous whenever … Continue reading Control the Escape: Astronomical Oxygen Disaster

The Pegasus Project

A deadly corporate plan needs to be exposed, you and your team mates must work against the clock to save the world from losing control of their minds. Step into the midst of an undercover spy operation at the Spider Tech head offices where you discover a deadly virus due to be leaked to gain control of peoples minds around the world. Rating: Adrenaline Filled!Completion Time: … Continue reading The Pegasus Project

Bewilder Box / Eltham Escape Rooms: The B.R.U.C.E. Project Part 1

Pilot an experimental robot through 60 minutes of mind boggling challenges designed by the award winning team behind Eltham Escape Rooms and Bewilder Box Drag, drop, solve and sleuth your way through each interactive puzzle, with every action synced across your team. Rating: UniqueCompletion Time: 56 minutes 18 secondsDate Played: 30th July 2020Party Size: 4 If I had a penny for every time someone told … Continue reading Bewilder Box / Eltham Escape Rooms: The B.R.U.C.E. Project Part 1

Questventure: Cocktails, Spies & Murder

The Department of Secret Services require your assistance on a top secret operation that will entail high level espionage, an undercover mole and a killer cocktail. Rating: Epic!Completion Time: 35 minutesDate Played: 17th August 2020Party Size: 2 So in my ‘real life’ (sounds funny to say it huh?) when I’m not playing escape rooms, I’m a murder mystery game writer. Not just that, but an ex-mixologist with a … Continue reading Questventure: Cocktails, Spies & Murder

Oblivity Podcast: The Profoctor Predicament

The Profoctor Predicament … Or to call it by it’s full name The Profoctor’s perfidious, perilous, puzzling predicament! How to describe it? SO MUCH FUN. It’s brilliant, hilarious, charming, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s immediately gone onto my Top Rated list and I can’t recommend it enough. Continue reading Oblivity Podcast: The Profoctor Predicament