Bewilder Box: Sabotage | Review

 Bewilder Box: Sabotage | Review

Enter the mysterious mirror world of Black Sabbath’s Sabotage in this this mini online escape room game where your mission is to recover a copy of the coveted Sabotage: Super Deluxe Edition!

Rating: Fun!
Completion Time: 6 minutes
Date Played: 21st June 2021
Party Size: 4
Recommended For: Fans of Black Sabbath, or for a short n’ sweet escape

In collaboration with Black Sabbath, Bewilder Box have once again turned their hand to creating a fantastically interactive play at home escape room: Sabotage. To celebrate the launch of Black Sabbath’s “Super Deluxe Edition” box set, fans of the band may step into the band’s 1970s dressing room and put their knowledge to the test in a series of highly themed puzzles.

Team Escaping the Closet and I teamed up with our regular digital escape room team to take on Sabotage on a Monday afternoon. I say we played ‘in a team of 4’, but as the game doesn’t require a login or any multiplayer puzzles, it’s probably best played solo.

The puzzles require equal parts black Sabbath knowledge and general puzzle solving-know how. There’s a locked 4 digit padlock, a 6 letter number code, and plenty (oh yes plenty) of memorabilia players can digitally pick up and manipulate to crack the codes. Recognising songs (or being able to Google) is helpful in this experience as the band’s music does play a large part of the experience… And I should hope so too!

Overall, it’s a brilliant tribute to many people’s favourite band. Heading into the experience, none of us were overly familiar with the music – but you bet I added a tune or two from the game to my Spotify after! If you’re a fan of the band you mustn’t miss this! But if you’re not so much a fan, treat it as a light hearted short puzzle game perfect for scratching the escape room itch in lockdown.

Sabotage can be played for free by heading to this link here.


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