Agent Venture: Cyborg Island

 Agent Venture: Cyborg Island

Bozo has disappeared, but secret documents have revealed that B.A.D operates some sort of cybernetics facility underneath a casino on a private island. If this is allowed to continue, B.A.D could create a cyborg army to take over the world!

Rating: Great!
Completion Time: 60+ (DNF)
Date Played: 30th October 2020
Party Size: 5
Recommended For: Everyone / Party

…And we’re back! Back at it for Mission II with Agent Venture. But this time we’re off to Cyborg Island. Following on from Mission I, the evil CEO Bozo has gone missing! All clues point towards the mysterious Cyborg Island equipped with a casino and… A secret cybernetics lab? Yep, looks like we’re on the right track agents, lets go!

If you haven’t read my review for Mission I: The Heist, I’ll bring you up to speed on Agent Venture games. All players take on a different role in these live avatar-led experiences. You play the ‘eyes in the sky’ directing your secret agent to success – there’s a Hacker, a Researcher, the Navigator, the Communicator and finally (if you’re playing in a group of 5), the Co-Ordinator.

Each player only sees the information relevant to them and communication is key! But, rather than make the mission more difficult, this means everyone can specialise and become an expert in their field!

This time round, I abandoned my previous post of “Researcher” and instead took on the “Hacker” role for this mission.


1. Speedy typing hands
2. Not horrified by numbers
3. Good “serious hacking” face

Seeking tech-savvy hacker to stop upstart secret agents from getting themselves killed. When Agent inevitably sets off an alarm, gets trapped behind a magnetically locked door (again), or winds up in a room with the walls slowly closing in we’ll need someone who can work computer magic and press the right clever buttons to make it all stop. Big, chunky glasses desired but not essential.

Check, check, check and… Okay I forgot a pair of glasses! But nobody got trapped behind a locked door, or worse, fed to cybernetic sharks. Not on my watch!

The Hacker role is definitely the most puzzle-driven of the five roles you can choose from. Put simply, you’ve got to solve puzzles in order to hack various systems!

Whilst I’m not able to compare to Mission I, the puzzles we confronted in Mission II were largely modified Sudoku puzzles. I love a Sudoku as much as the next puzzler – but this was a whole new experience trying to solve them at rapid speed when your Agent’s life is on the line! Haha! A turret poised to fire and I’m trying to find where in the grid to place my number 8.

Unfortunately we did not get our Agent to the end quite in time – merely minutes away, it slipped out of our grasp! Damnit! But rather than put us off, it’s given us even more resolve to get cracking with Mission III: B.A.D. Side of the Moon and put an end to the evil B.A.D. Corporation once and for all!

After all, Agent Venture experiences are genuinely some of the best you can find on the market. Highly, highly recommended way to spend an evening with 4 of your favourite people. And, since England is going back into lockdown for the rest of November – it’s a perfect time to book and give yourself something to look forward to!

Agent Venture: Cyborg Island can be booked for £10 per player on Agent Venture’s website or Design My Night.


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