Access Escape: Escape the Mailbox: A Peculiar Potion | Review

 Access Escape: Escape the Mailbox: A Peculiar Potion | Review

Can you find your friend Luna. Help Merlin recreate the potion found in her lab to get answers on her disappearance.

Rating: Something Different!
Completion Time: 20 Minutes
Date Played: 5th November 2020
Party Size: 1
Recommended For: People who want more interesting emails in their life

November is NEARLY OVER! So stop what you’re doing and go subscribe to Access Escape’s “Escape the Mailbox” series before this absolute gem of a game disappears!

(Even more exciting – January’s Escape the Mailbox game is designed by yours truly, so if you subscribe now you can be the very first to play my game when it is released!)

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll have noticed my review for October’s escape game “Diamond Detectives“. The Peculiar Potion is the second email inbox game in the Escape the Mailbox series and takes a very magical departure from the detective thriller that was the previous.

In a Peculiar Potion, your friend Luna has gone missing. You contact her neighbour, Merlin to go investigate. He finds a mysterious potion recipe and the witch nowhere to be found. Together, you must solve the puzzles, retrace Luna’s steps and concoct your own magical brew to try and bring her back.

In this one there’s a good mix of maths puzzles, logic puzzles and puzzles that require thinking outside of the box! Maybe I’m getting used to the format, or maybe the magical theme is more familiar to me – but I found this one a little bit easier than the last, in a good way! A lot less “Please Merlin, may I have a clue.”

Every puzzle in Access Escape’s “Escape the Mailbox” series is fully accessible to blind or partially sighted players too. In simple words each puzzle is easy to follow and you’ll need only your wits about you (and maybe a quick Google via Siri) to solve it. I love this A LOT as it really is a fun game enjoyable by absolutely everyone. I say “recommended for everyone” a lot on this blog, but this time I really mean it.

Overall, really good fun as always! Access Escape have outdone themselves and created a format which is perfect for not just lockdown, but plain and simply “making your day better”. I literally hate checking my email (shh don’t tell anyone). I’ve subscribed to way too much nonsense and almost none of my relatives email me (hey it’s 2020, people Zoom me now). But Escape the Mailbox is an exciting breath of fresh air you can tackle at your own pace or devour the moment it arrives.

A Pecular Potion can be played for free by subscribing to Access Escape’s Escape the Mailbox.

Oh, and if you want to create your own email-based escape game like this, Access Escape have created their own software called Puzzle Panther which you can try here.



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