Anything’s possible at Platform so expect the unexpected IRL. Platform is a next-level gaming bar and cultural space. Everyone’s welcome. Anything goes: battle zombie hordes, KO your CEO or spend date night dungeon crawling!

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Completion Time: N/A
Date Played: 26th August 2020
Party Size: 2

NOT AN ESCAPE ROOM? WHAT?! Yes, yes, I know. This is NOT my regular content – I’m sorry! But you know those times where you just have a really, really good time and think “Wow okay, I want to support this place and shout about this from the rooftops?” well this was one of those times.

Platform is a self-branded “Social Gaming Experience”, or as you and I might better know it as, a video game cafe. With zones for multiplayer games, an eSports area, or a whole section of retro gaming filled with arcade classics, it’s probably the best venue of this genre I’ve ever seen. So slick, so bright, so colourful and a cocktail menu to die for.

I came here for an anniversary and never intended to even mention it here on The Escape Roomer, let alone blog about it. Which explains why the tone of voice and the quality of photos isn’t what I’d usually put out… But from start to finish Player 2 and I were made to feel super welcome. You’re seated at a private booth that feels very well cleaned and separated from your neighbours by perspex plastic. But never once breaking the retro, upbeat vibe of the whole place.

Unlike all my other reviews, I can’t talk about gameplay or puzzles or narrative, because this really is a “play at your own pace” venue. Sure, you could sit down and dig into a purely puzzle game and try and solve collaboratively with your team. But us? We played a lot of Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros … The perfect accompaniment to my “Red Head Redemption” cocktail.

As I say, lets keep this review short and sweet! The real thing I wanted to highlight was the customer service. We’d never been treated so well, nor enjoyed such a good laugh as we were at Platform. The perfect addition to an already perfect anniversary. Which again, is why I wanted to write this review to support them. Now I know it exists, you can bet I’ll be there every other week (I’ve gotta keep practising my Mario Kart skills), and if you’re ever passing by – you should too!

Platform is located at 2 Worship Street, London EC2A 2AH. Multiplayer booth hire starts at £8 pp and can be booked on their website.


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