Review Policy

Sourcing Games

Occasionally escape room tickets, video game codes, and boxed games are sent for the free with the expectation of a review. These games are tagged with gifted for full transparency. We take great care to ensure that this does not affect the content of the review in any way.


Tone of Voice: The Escape Roomer was created to support and celebrate the escape room industry. As such, I do not write negative reviews. This is not because I’m afraid to write a negative opinion – it’s because there are many other review sites out there that you can go to for critique. The Escape Roomer tries to focus on the positives. If a game was less than “3 Stars”, we would choose not to review it and instead send feedback privately to the owner. It’s as simple as that!

Employment: In 2019-20 I (Mairi) was employed and freelanced in the escape room industry as a game designer / marketing professional. I obviously do not review games I have been involved in the design with (in any capacity), but I MAY, post-employment, objectively review a game by a company I was involved in the marketing of! For full transparency, you can see my escape room design portfolio here. I (Mairi) currently work in the videogame industry and the same rules apply.


It goes without saying that everything on the The Escape Roomer belongs to us, the writers/photographers. If we take photographs of your game, you may use them for your marketing with credit. Please do not use any content from The Escape Roomer without credit.