Review Policy

Sourcing Games

Occasionally escape room tickets, video game codes, and boxed games are sent for the free with the expectation of a review. These games are tagged with gifted for full transparency. We take great care to ensure that this does not affect the content of the review in any way.

Disclosure of Potential Bias

Tone of Voice: The Escape Roomer was created to support and celebrate the escape room industry. As such, we do not write negative reviews. This is not because we’re afraid to write a negative opinion, it is because we are in the hobby for fun. We choose to focus on the positives and if we didn’t enjoy the game we will not review it.

Employment: We make it our policy not to review games any member of the team has been involved in the design of, but we reserve the right to objectively review games that a member of the team may have been involved in the marketing of. Ideally post-employment. For full transparency, here is a list of companies that members of the team have worked with: Escape Hunt (2019-20 – marketing and game design on multiple), Locked City (2020 – game design on A Journey Through Time), Access Escape (2020 – game design on Shuttle Shambles), Telescape/Buzzshot (2021 – case study / newsletter marketing).


It goes without saying that everything on the The Escape Roomer belongs to us (the writers / photographers). When sharing any content (e.g. quotes / photographs) please include credit. In exceptional circumstances we may sell the rights to use our content (e.g. photographs) without credit – please get in touch to discuss!