Review Policy

Sourcing Games

Occasionally escape room tickets, video game codes, and boxed games are gifted to us by the publisher, developers, or associated PR team. This does not guarantee a review and the reviewer’s decision is final. If we do decide to review a game that has been sent for free, these games are tagged with gifted for full transparency. We take great care to ensure that this does not affect the content of the review in any way. We do not, and have never accepted financial compensation directly or in kind in exchange for any coverage.

Disclosure of Potential Bias

Tone of Voice: The Escape Roomer was created to support and celebrate the escape room industry. As such, it is not our intention to write wholly negative reviews. This is not because we’re afraid to write a negative opinion, it is because we are in the hobby for fun. If we hated an experience, we’re more likely to stop halfway and say “hey lets go do something more fun instead” and move on.

Employment: We make it our policy that a reviewer should not review or influence reviews of a game they have been involved in the game design of. 


It goes without saying that everything on the The Escape Roomer belongs to us (the writers / photographers). When sharing any content (e.g. quotes / photographs) please include credit. In exceptional circumstances the licenses to use content (photographs, videos) without credit may be purchased. Please get in touch separately.