Since this is a proper pen pals, a little about me:

I’m Mairi! Hellooooo! 👋 It may or may not be obvious depending on how far down the line in the Peculiar Pen Pals chain we are, haha, but it’s lovely to meet you anyway. I’m the one with the blue/pink/can’t-keep-up hair colour. I enjoy painting (is it obvious? hehe), drinking way too much tea, 80s music, escape rooms (what gave it away?), video games, and obscure films.

Your letter is all the way from London, UK. I’m super thrilled you received (and solved) my little puzzle! It was so much fun to make. I don’t have a specific place I drew inspiration from – being from London I don’t really get to see the stars. Probably they look NOTHING like what I sent you but honestly who knows.

Some notes on the puzzle I made!

I wanted to make this puzzle the following things 👇

  • Fun to solve! I always love solving jigsaw type puzzles. Some people find it fiddly, but I almost always enjoy putting paper back together. I absolutely had to include something like this.
  • Not too difficult. But you can be the judge on that one!
  • Something you MIGHT want to keep… Well, I might have ruined that by chopping up the painting, but I hope you liked the painting anyway! If Banksy can shred his painting and people still love it hopefully you can forgive me haha!

Pssst! If you are super mad at me that I cut my painting up for the puzzle – send me a message and I’ll paint you a fresh, non-cut up version of it. I promise!

Thanks for playing!

Warmest Regards,