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Puzzle Post: The Split | Review

Siena Sudlow hits upon her dream when a music producer spots her at an open mic night and asks her on tour with her favourite band. The dream doesn't last long as she becomes embroiled in the scandalous activities of the lead singer, and the bands dispute with their management. Siena lives the high life for a wild week of photo shoots, award ceremonies and launch parties before the hearsay and gossip gets too much, the paparazzi is surrounding the hotel and she needs out. She stashes your message in an online vault and leaves a series of clues Read More

Boxed Games Play at Home

Puzzle Post: The Missed Flight

You gave your message to Lucy Kingston to deliver. She’s been travelling around Europe but has been caught up in some unscrupulous business. She’s hasn’t done anything wrong, but someone’s after her and she’s gone into hiding. Rating: Brilliant!Completion Time: 32 minutesDate Played: 26th July 2020Party Size: 1 The Missed Flight is a brand new gift concept from the […]Read More