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Immersive Experience


Anything’s possible at Platform so expect the unexpected IRL. Platform is a next-level gaming bar and cultural space. Everyone’s welcome. Anything goes: battle zombie hordes, KO your CEO or spend date night dungeon crawling! Rating: N/ACompletion Time: N/ADate Played: 26th August 2020Party Size: 2 NOT AN ESCAPE ROOM? WHAT?! Yes, yes, I know. This is NOT my regular […]Read More

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The Enigmagram

An envelope lands on your doorstep, inside is a letter from someone but you don’t know who… Rating: BrilliantCompletion Time: 30 minutesDate Played: 25th of December 2019Party Size: 2 If the date weren’t a giveaway, why yes this was a Christmas gift! One of many I bought this Christmas. Since I didn’t actually receive one myself (not hinting […]Read More