⚠ Incoming Message from Black Sheep ⚠


For years people have been visiting ClueQuest and repeatedly foiling my attempts to take over the world… And I have had enough!

All this “yay we escaped!” and “we love Mr. Q!” nonsense. Bah!

But this time you won’t win so easily, Agents! Embedded in this so called “escape room blog” is a secret weapon… AND YOU’VE JUST ACTIVATED IT!

By clicking on this link you’ve just activated my trusty SheepMutator and it’s spreading via the internet to every corner of the globe! Soon, very soon, you and EVERYONE YOU KNOW be turned into a sheep.

You’ve got until May 19th until you say goodbye to your human form forever.

I hope you like eating grass.





Psst… You! Yes you!! Mr. Q here.

We’ve been tracking Blacksheep for some time and we knew he was planning something like this.

Fear not! I have a plan! Head to THIS LINK and type the phrase “Squeak Squeak” to let us know you’re not one of Black Sheep’s brainwashed minions. If we get enough Agents on our side, we should be able to power satellite and take back control.

Of all the secret agents who type Squeak Squeak we will pick ONE UK resident to head to ClueQuest and take on Professor Black Sheep in one of their 5* rated escape rooms, and we’ll pick ONE international winner to win the entire Print+Cut+Escape collection and foil Black Sheep’s nefarious plans!

Hurry Agents! There’s no time to lose!






  1. Professor Blacksheep is attempting to take over the world, again
  2. Foil him by commenting “Squeak Squeak” on this post + tag as many secret agents as you can!
  3. You’ll be entered into a competition to win 1x voucher 6 players at ClueQuest or 1x “All Print + Cut + Escape Games” Bundle
  4. We’ll randomly draw 2 winners on the 17th May to take on Professor Black Sheep for real!


Good luck agents! We’re counting on you!

Terms & Conditions

  1. This competition is hosted by  The Escape Roomer, and all prizes will be fulfilled by ClueQuest directly.
  2. This competition is not affiliated with any social media platform (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)
  3. There are 2 prizes, they are: 1x voucher for 6 players to play any escape room at ClueQuest’s London location and 1x “everything bundle” consisting of all Print+Cut+Escape games.
  4. This competition is open to all entrants aged 18+ worldwide. International entrants are only eligible to win the Print+Cut+Escape bundle.
  5. This competition runs from 6pm on the 12th May 2021 to 6pm on 19th May 2021. Winners will be announced shortly after.
  6. To enter you must comment “squeak squeak” on our Instagram post, tag another Instagram user, and follow The Escape Roomer and ClueQuest. One tag equals one entry up to ten entries.
  7. We will only use your data to inform ClueQuest that you have won, no other details will be stored.

All characters, assets, and other Mice/Sheep related shenanigans are (c) ClueQuest