Peculiar Pen Pals Clues Page

Sooooo… You’ve received a letter from Mairi! Check the clues below to get you on the right track to solving it. 👇


Your envelope should contain:

  • A “Need a Clue” Note
  • A URL note
  • Some plain and coloured boxes
  • A number of painting ‘shards’
The Painting: Assembling

This part of the puzzle is like a jigsaw. If you’re struggling to complete your jigsaw, find your name below and click the link to see a finished version:

*asterisk indicates pre-change paintings, all following paintings were modified slightly.

The Puzzle: What Am I Looking For?

The answer you’re looking for is hidden in the stars.

The Puzzle: Interpreting What You See

If you look carefully, you should be able to see what looks like 4 constellations. The key to solving the puzzle is identifying these constellations. They are fairly common.

Here’s a guide to common constellations… From a questionably named blog! Haha.

The Puzzle: OK Please tell me what I’m looking at

You should be able to see:

  • LEO

If you struggled – big apologies for my bad painting skills! Haha!

Coloured Boxes: What Do I Put In Them?

If you correctly identified the constellations, their common names should fit into those boxes! 

Go ahead, just write them out like a crossword where they fit 🙂

Coloured Boxes: What does it mean?

Some of the boxes are highlighted in colours. Those same colours should be present on another note in the envelope… The URL perhaps!

Try putting the letters inside the coloured boxes in the order required by the URL.

The URL: I Need the Link

Copying the letters from the coloured boxes into the URL in colour order should give you the URL: