Monopoly Lifesized Launches THIS WEEKEND – Can You Escape Jail?

This weekend a new kind of immersive experience launches in London: A hybrid of escape rooms, board games, and team challenges – Monopoly Lifesized! Tickets are now on sale for the 14th August 2021 through to August 2022. But what exactly is this new board game pop-up?

What to Expect at Monopoly Lifesized

In Monopoly Lifesized, all the most-loved features of the classic Monopoly board have been translated into a huge 4D experience where players may complete challenges, build houses, charge rent, escape jail, pick up Chance cards, land on free parking,and even control London’s waterworks. The idea is simple: earn the most money for your team by completing escape room style challenges!

There are four lifesize board games to choose from:

🎲 Classic Board Game 🎲

The Classic Board and its challenges serve as an homage to Monopoly and the history of the properties available to purchase.

🌆 City Board Game 🌆

Take to the streets of modern day London and get a whistle stop tour of all that this wonderful city has to offer! 

💰 Vault Board Game 💰

Know someone who always has to be the banker? Fairly sure they’re slipping themselves the odd M50 here and there? Maybe it’s time to bring them to the Vault Board to see how Mr Monopoly does it. 

🧒 Junior Board Game 🧒

Designed for players aged 5 – 9. Come on down to Monopoly Town for fast-paced, family friendly, fun!

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Monopoly: Own it all

As well as the immersive experience, the site near Tottenham Court Road will also be home to The Top Hat – a Monopoly themed bar and restaurant for players to enjoy before and after their game. The playful, art-deco restaurant plays homage to Monopoly’s origins in a fun way with a British twist, such as offering classic British dishes on the menu.

The cocktails too are themed around the Monopoly Universe, such as “The Whitehall”, inspired by Winston Churchill complete with it’s own smoking cigar, or the Euston Road cocktail where £2 from every purchase goes to support the NHS.

Board Games mixed with Escape Rooms

To help bring the exciting experience to life, Hasbro is working with theatre company Selladoor, and escape room designers Clockwork Dog, best known as the creative geniuses behind Loop at Panic Rooms Gravesend and the Imperial War Museum’s Damage Control!

One thing is for sure, London in lockdown has been aching for something as exciting and fresh as Monopoly Lifesized and it’s sure to be a very hot ticket this summer – so get yours while you still can! 👇

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