Modern Fables is Closing it’s East London Premises

In some sad news today, Modern Fables has announced that it is closing it’s East London premises in around one month from now, on March 13th 2022. Until this date they’ll be keeping bookings live on the website and so anyone wishing to play their three escape rooms has a limited time to do so! After which these rooms will no longer be available.

We first visited to play Hypersomnia last summer and had a fantastic time, so if you’d like our recommendation on which to try out while you still can, you can’t go wrong with a little 80s themed sci-fi!

About Modern Fables Escape Rooms

Modern Fables is an independent escape room company located in Broadway Market, Hackney and has three available experiences including Hypersomnia, The Escapist, and The Oracles. Their original game, The Escapist was located in Rollins Street, South London before moving to the new Hackney premises and was run by the director on his own.

One thread running throughout all of their immersive experiences however is the emphasis on a strong narrative. From meeting odd characters, to thoroughly believable sets with a fantastic level of detail… Modern Fables sets itself apart as being more of an adventure experience than an escape room, making it something quite unique and worth the trip (while you still can!).

What’s Next for Modern Fables?

According to the recent announcement in their newsletter, the reason for the shutdown is that the company has been unable to pay covid-related arrears on their account and as a result their landlord will not be renewing the lease.

However, as the famous saying goes – one door closes and another one opens.

This may not be the end of Modern Fables, but a new beginning for something even more exciting in the near future. The company has an online game called Nexusurf available to play for £15 on their website which will still be available. The team has also hinted at two new projects in development which are due to go live soon after the physical site shuts down.

Book your escape at Modern Fables before March 2022


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