Lara Croft statue unveiled in London ahead of LIVE Escape Room Experience

With just under two months to go until the Lara Croft themed Tomb Raider: The LIVE Experience launches in London and let me tell you we are so darn excited! Which is why when a nine feet tall statue of Lara Croft herself popped up in Camden, just outside one of our local haunts, the countdown well and truly began!

Standing self-assured at the entrance to the attraction, we hope Lara Croft inspires people to embrace their own spirit of adventure as they take on the LIVE Experience.”

Dallas Dickinson, Franchise General Manager for Tomb Raider at Crystal Dynamics

The new statue is a little taste of what to come, and incorporates the hero of the experience, archaeologist Lara Croft in all her glory. With iconic plaited hair and double pistol holders, I’m immediately transported to falling off cliffs over and over again in the early 00s on my first console.

She’s been built in collaboration with Crystal Dynamics and made entirely from sandstone, fitting the style of new experience launching in Stables Market later in the year.


About Tomb Rader: The LIVE Experience

Tomb Raider: The LIVE Experience is an immersive experience like no other launching in April 2022. Created by Little Lion Entertainment in collaboration with Paramount Pictures and Square Enix, the experience brings to life the feeling of playing the famous adventure games for up to 8 players at a time. So far we know there’ll be portions of the experience taking place on on a sinking ship, in the jungles of Costa Rica, hunting for treasure in an ancient tomb, and of course be absolutely packed with puzzles. It sounds like pretty much all you want out of an escape room but with that huge production value we expect (and love) from the creators!

Little Lion Entertainment are best known as the creative team behind one of London’s most popular attractions: The Crystal Maze Experience. Their newest experience will have the same adrenaline fueled energy but will be stepped within the lore of one of the best known gaming franchises.

Whilst not a lot is known about the experience just yet, some of the early concept sketches have been released to the public. From these, we can spot some of our favourite levels and environments and can’t wait to see the full thing in person.


Tickets to Tomb Raider: The LIVE Experience start at £66 per person. They are on sale now and can be purchased by visiting 

We’ll see you in the jungle, adventurers!


  • Mairi is the editor-in-chief of The Escape Roomer and covers escape room news and reviews across the UK's South.

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