Flatpak Calendar 2021

With the help of hundreds of international customers working through the flatpak catalogue, the full scandal was revealed at the headquarters and our hero was freed from his captors. The senior managers are behind bars for corruption but it still remains difficult to trace all the embezzled funds and it seems there were severe irregularities in the pension fund.

If you’re a regular reader of The Escape Roomer, you’ll notice today’s post is a little different! This is because Flatpak 2021 Calendar isn’t a “Game”, as such it wouldn’t make sense to write up a regular review. How many players did I play this with? Well, probably everyone who visits my little flat in 2021. How long did it take me? The whole year!

So instead I’m going to talk through the Flatpak Calendar as a gift idea, or just something to treat yourself to going into 2021! I’ll talk you through what it is, what Flatpak is all about, why I love it, and what to expect from your calendar.

What is Flatpak?

If you’re looking at this (and Flatpak’s catalogue) and wondering why I’m talking about an Scandinavian furniture shop on my escape room blog you’d be… Absolutely correct to question me! The famous Scandinavian catalogue store “Flatpak” has a lot more going on than meets the eye. The calendar comes as a sequel to a catalogue where a series of hidden clues within the pages lead the eagle-eyed reader to a website trail of puzzles. There’s drama! Intrigue! Conspiracy! Oh, and furniture?

So where does the calendar fit in?

In this sequel, it’s your job to clear the name of our hero. Hidden throughout the pages of the calendar are clues. 12 bank accounts hidden around the world that, when deciphered, will surely clear our hero’s name? But only if you can solve them in time.

How to “Play”

As I’ve got my copy earlier than 2021 (and because I wanted to write this post) yes, I’ll admit, I have read ahead. I skimmed through the first couple of months solving what I could.

Each month you must find hidden bank details. You may only use what you can see on that month’s page. You’re looking for a country, a first and last name, an account number and a sort code. Sounds simple? Maybe! Truth is this one is HARD, but very, very rewarding.

I believe the calendar is best ‘played’ by hanging it in your kitchen, or your study (or wherever else you keep your calendar) and taking each month as it comes. When January is here – solve it! If you can’t do it all in one day, that’s okay too. Take your time and puzzle through each month. Yes, there are some cryptic hints at the back of the calendar but no answers given (that I’m aware), so it’s just you and the calendar.

That said, if you’re like me, there’s no shame in rushing ahead to try and solve as much as you can 😉

Who is this for?

You! Your friends! Your family! Colleagues? Sure. Anyone who you’re thinking about buying a gift for, really! People who like unusual calendars, or solving puzzles, or both?

Whoever you choose to buy this calendar for, I’d recommend picking up the Flatpak catalogue too (there’s a bundle of both which is currently on sale!). The Catalogue is the perfect introduction to the whole Flatpak experience. Plus, it gives your lucky recipient something fun to play on Christmas before hanging the calendar up and beginning their calendrical “Part 2”.

My Opinion

So far I’ve kept the article as factual as I can. But here’s the best part! What did I think of the calendar? I LOVE IT.

It’s beautifully made and looks very slick hanging on my wall. What’s more it’s creative and I think the only thing like it on the market. No doubt in a few year there’ll be tens of puzzle calendars to buy, but Flatpak has a special place in my heart for being the first and creating something so wonderfully elegant.

Objectively speaking too, it’s an absolute bargain. You literally get a YEAR’S WORTH OF PUZZLES. Yes, if this were an escape game I’d say “Completion Time: 365 Days”. That alone is brilliant and I cannot wait to turn back to January and start the adventure (for real) on New Year’s Day.

Flatpak 2021 Calendar can be purchased for £10.99 on Flatpak’s website. Readers of this blog can use promocode ROOMER10OFF for 10% off your order!



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