Escape Hunt: Treasure of the Aztecs | Review

Escape Hunt Treasure of the Aztecs Review | Can you decipher the ancient Aztec clues and find Montezuma’s long lost treasure?

Completion Time: 39 minutes
Date Played: 26th of April 2020
Party Size: 2

This is the second play at home escape room I’ve played since quarantine started, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! What a brilliant and charming way to bring the escape room genre to your living room. A great way to stay in contact with friends, family, and well… Not lose your mind in lockdown. Haha.

Treasure of the Aztecs is a new game in this genre by Escape Hunt and it didn’t disappoint! The idea being that so long as you have a printer at home, you can play a similar, 1-hour long ‘at home’ escape room. It’s a unique new genre and a pretty exciting way to play if you’re locked at home.

The story goes, split out over two parts, you and your teammates go on a big ole’ treasure hunt across the world. Think: Maps… Codes… Ancient Aztec texts to decipher. It’s exciting, fairly realistic, and exactly what you want in a treasure hunt! You’ll have to find precise locations, uncover hidden clues in historical documents, and really put yourself in the mind of early treasure hunters hot on the trail of one of the world’s most infamous treasure hoards ever.

In this game, one thing I particularly enjoyed was the addition of a chat bot (or should I say… a direct line to the director of the museum *cough*) to help. In the same way you’d have a Games Master monitoring your real life escape room, at any point in Treasure of the Aztecs, you could pick up your phone and ask for a hint. The hints come through conversationally and you must check your answers with the Museum Director as you go.

You’re communicating your treasure hunt progress with a third party, and receiving clues to the next steps along the way. For example, you solve something, he’ll send a team of excavators out to investigate, and the game proceeds. It worked well to keep the story moving along.

Overall, a tricky new genre to nail – but Treasure of the Aztecs definitely holds a candle to ‘real life’ escape rooms, as a fun way to spend an evening at home. The best part, you’re not on a timer. So why not give this a go over a meal, a couple of days, or as a party activity?

The Treasure of the Aztecs can be purchased for £14.99 on Escape Hunt‘s website.


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