Win A Limited Edition Halloween Pin in The Curious Correspondence Club’s Halloween Event

Following the success of Curious Correspondence Club’s Puzzletember event, things are starting to get a little spookier this October on the Curious Correspondence Club Instagram account!

This October, players are invited to take part in a free online puzzle game to join the Creepy Creatures Club – the paranormal and cryptozoological branch of the CCC. Part escape room, part puzzle hunt, part alternate reality game… The goal of the game is to go in hunt of infamous cryptids such as vampires, werewolves, and mothman.

Clues will be revealed weekly on Sunday, starting Sunday 10th October and each will build upon the previous in a puzzle adventure open to anyone. The first 1,000 players to solve the puzzles and complete the game will receive a special prize including a limited edition pin.

How to Play?

The game is free and available to everyone with an Instagram account – simply keep an eye on the Curious Correspondence Club Instagram account every Sunday in October and keep your wits about you!

About the Curious Correspondence Club

The Curious Correspondence Club describes itself as,

“…an immersive analogue puzzle experience delivered right to your door. Each new envelope contains the next chapter of an ongoing episodic adventure, filled with cryptic challenges to confound you and your friends. Scour physical documents and ephemera, construct papercraft tools and devices, and immerse yourself in a unique deductive experience each month.”

Curious Correspondence Club
Image (c) Curious Correspondence


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