ClueQuest: Stolen IQ | Review

ClueQuest Stolen IQ Review | Agent Lisa Hammerschmidth has discovered Professor Blacksheep’s evil plan. For some time now, the despicable sheep has secretly been kidnapping top scientists, and forcing them to join his attempts at world domination.

Rating: Brilliant
Completion Time: 70 minutes
Date Played: 12th of April 2020
Party Size: 2

Our second play at home escape room in a week! Maybe being quarantined isn’t quite so bad when you have brilliant adventures like these to play, eh?

clueQuest’s real life games are hugely popular in London, and their print and play experiences are no less high quality than the real life counterpart. Whilst the real life sites remain shut for a while longer, you can keep up with the super spy antics of Mr Q and his troupe of anthropomorphic animals.

Stolen IQ by Cluequest is a long awaited print and play game for me… As someone who has completed every single escape room Cluequest offer, this game couldn’t come fast enough. On receiving my code, I immediately sent it to the printer- alas! No black ink. But I think blue looks just as cool.

In Stolen IQ you play the role of a secret spy on the hunt for Agent Crimson who has gone missing. In typical ClueQuest fashion it has mice, sheep, and theatrical hilarity! All intermixed with brilliant puzzles requiring tactile manipulation, cutting, folding and sticking.

One thing is for sure, and that there’s a lot of cutting out! On each page you print out theres at least one thing to cut – ranging from one or two things that’ll need to be folded, to lots of itty bitty small pieces of paper that will play a biggger role later when you get to solving the puzzles.

In particular we enjoyed the digital aspect of the game. clueQuest provide a simple online interface for inputting your answers as you go. Very satisfying! However – satisfying or not, it was hard! Our completion time came in over 1hr, but I’ll blame that on the breaks we took to top up our drinks.

*nervous sweat*

…That or the time we took to admire al the beautiful illustrations. Of which there are many!

…Overall good fun, and one of the better priced play at home escape rooms on the market at the moment! And if you have as much free time as I do right now you’ve no reason not to give it a go!

Stolen IQ can be purchased for £12 on ClueQuest’s website.


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Stolen IQ clueQuest Review
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    • Hi Paschott!

      If playing in the same household, I think you’d be good with a team of up to 6 players! If via Zoom/videocall probably a little less! Maybe 4 screens? Everyone would need to print the pack out for sure!

      The other alternative is if you have more than 6 players, you could always split into 2 teams and go ‘head to head’ for the fastest time? This would be a pretty fun experience!

      • Thanks. Teams might work. The kits caught my eye, but I know so many of those don’t work well as you add more players. Factor in small playing areas and it’s even harder if there aren’t some simultaneous puzzles to do.

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