10 BETTER KNOWN games to look out for in the Cerebral Puzzle Showcase!


The ‘Cerebral Puzzle Showcase‘ is now live! It’s running from the 19th to 23rd May 2022 this showcase is full of demos, live streams, and even discounts for plenty of puzzle games that are designed to make you think! As such, here at The Escape Roomer we’ve been a little obsessed with how much fun we’re having playing all the games. A few days ago we highlighted some of the best upcoming games being launched (or with playable demos) in the showcase, and yesterday we dug around for 8 of our favourite hidden gems.

There are a huge amount of games being showcased (over 100!), but here are 10 games you’ve probably heard of – and not to be missed!


Get Coding

Human Resource Machine & 7 Billion Humans

Human Resource Machine: Program little office workers to solve puzzles. Be a good employee! The machines are coming… for your job. From the creators of World of Goo and Little Inferno.

7 Billion Humans: Automate swarms of office workers to solve puzzles inside your very own parallel computer made of people. A thrilling follow up to the award winning Human Resource Machine. Now with more humans!

Why we’re excited: Coding may not see fun, but HRM did a great job of getting many of us excited back in 2015! The follow up seemed to pass us by, so we’re excited to take the chance to catch up with this little world and dust off our algorithm skills again!


Explore a Mysterious World



Welcome to Myst: a starkly beautiful island, eerily tinged with mystery and shrouded in intrigue. Journey to Myst Island and other stunning, long dormant locations – called “Ages”- and begin to unravel the mystery you have been thrust into. As you learn what happened on the island, you will find that you are playing a key role in an epic story whose ending has not yet been written. Explore deeper connections in these stunning and surreal Ages, uncover a story of ruthless family betrayal, and make choices that will affect both you, and the world of Myst itself.

Why we’re excited: Myst is the OG mystery game from years ago (the clue is in the title) and even though Mairi couldn’t crack it, we can’t wait to return! The atmosphere is really what sells Myst – it’s quiet, with sparse sounds and virtually no writing. You come across little puzzles and vignettes, which you need to solve by exploring the island and figuring out what happened. It’s beautiful and unsettling and is a classic for a reason.



The strange worlds of Obduction reveal their secrets only as you explore, discover, coax, and consider their clues. As you bask in the otherworldly beauty and explore the enigmatic landscapes, remember that the choices you make will have substantial consequences. This is your story now. Make it home.

Why we’re excited: This is a successor for Myth, but instead of a mysterious island you’re now on a mysterious planet. We love the fact Cyan have incorporated the Sci-Fi trend into the franchise!

Psychological Mysteries


Return of the Obra Dinn

In 1802, the merchant ship Obra Dinn set out from London for the Orient with over 200 tons of trade goods. Six months later it hadn’t met its rendezvous point at the Cape of Good Hope and was declared lost at sea. Early this morning of October 14th, 1807, the Obra Dinn drifted into port at Falmouth with damaged sails and no visible crew. As insurance investigator for the East India Company’s London Office, dispatch immediately to Falmouth, find means to board the ship, and prepare an assessment of damages. Return of the Obra Dinn is a first-person mystery adventure based on exploration and logical deduction.

Why we’re excited: While the art style may not look immediately exciting or appealing, and ‘logical deduction’ may not be everyone’s cup of tea, this game has so many rave reviews across social media and has amassed a cult following, including by our own Russ! The narrative has a hold on you and stays with players long past the game is done, so definitely set your expectations aside and give it a go!



Inscryption is an inky black card-based odyssey that blends the deckbuilding roguelike, escape-room style puzzles, and psychological horror into a blood-laced smoothie. Darker still are the secrets inscrybed upon the cards…

Why we’re excited: This is the only horror game in our lists, but as it literally mentions escape rooms in the description we couldn’t not feature it! We are intrigued about how this game will blend escape room puzzles with a deck builder, but from what we’ve seen of the game we can imagine it definitely has our attention!

Change the Game



A first-person puzzler where shadows kill you. Watch your step or be swallowed by the darkness. Play Tunnel Vision Games’ love-letter to the genre. Use lateral thinking to solve mind-bending puzzles with lights, shadows, beams, platforms, and lightmatter.

Why we’re excited: Silence in the library anyone? This game is a great mix of sci-fi, puzzles and a tad of atmospheric pressure from the fear of darkness!


The Pedestrian

The Pedestrian is a 2.5D side scrolling puzzle platformer. You are The Pedestrian! Enter into a dynamic 3D world with stunning graphics and challenging puzzles. You play by rearranging and reconnecting public signs in order to explore and advance through each engaging environment.

Why we’re excited: We love the combination of platformer and puzzler, as well as both 2D and 3D elements! We also bet you’ll pay more attention to road signs after playing.



Gunpoint is a stealth puzzle game that lets you rewire its levels to trick people. You play a freelance spy who takes jobs from his clients to break into high security buildings and steal sensitive data.

Why we’re excited: Back to the pixel art! This game looks like a great mix of stealth, action and puzzles, with quick levels and interesting mechanics.


Baba is You

Baba Is You is a puzzle game where the rules you have to follow are present as blocks you can interact with. By manipulating them, you can change how the game works, repurpose things you find in the levels and cause surprising interactions!

Why we’re excited: Baba is you. You are baba. Baba is a bunny. We love the fact you control your own abilities, and change the environment, by moving blocks to change the rules. Maybe baba is you one minute, but baba is me the next…


You can sign up for all the news about the Cerebral Puzzle Showcase this week by heading to the Cerebral Puzzle Showcase website. Check out this post to read our top 8 new releases of the showcase, and this post to see 8 hidden gems you’ve got to check out.

8 HIDDEN GEMS to look out for in the Cerebral Puzzle Showcase!


Today is launch day of the much anticipated ‘Cerebral Puzzle Showcase‘! Here at The Escape Roomer, we absolutely love a good puzzle game, and this Steam showcase is absolutely packed with them. Running from the 19th to 23rd May this showcase is full of demos, live streams, and even discounts for plenty of games that are designed to make you think!

There are over 100 games in this year’s showcase (too many to list here). Yesterday we shared our top 8 puzzle games launching or being demo-ed for free. Today, here are 8 hidden gems we’re particularly excited for:


🐉 Dungeon Time


Dungeons and Puzzles

Dungeon and Puzzles is a dungeon adventure themed Sokoban game. The movement and direction are restricted, and the adventurer’s ability can be changed by equipment at hand. Think through every step, destroy every monster and find a way to the end of the dungeon where the treasure awaits.

Why we’re excited: We love a dungeon crawler, but the added puzzle aspect takes this to the next level! This game has what you’d expect of a dungeon games – dungeons, monsters, and weapons! However, you really have to think through your decisions based on the movement and abilities they grant.

Fidel Dungeon Rescue

A critically acclaimed roguelite where you can REWIND to find the optimal path through monsters, treasure and secrets. Quick to play. No grinding. No filler. Deep gameplay.

Why we’re excited: This is a dungeon crawler with less emphasis on the ‘crawling’ – instead of repeatedly dying, reloading, dying reloading…in ‘Dungeon Rescue’ the whole point is to rewind time and do it better, which is a great concept and very ‘Groundhog Day’! Also, you’re a dog. What could be better?


🖱️ Point and Click



Carto is a charming adventure game wrapped around a unique, world-altering puzzle mechanic. Use this power to explore mysterious lands, help a quirky cast of characters, and guide Carto on her journey back to her family.

Why we’re excited: We love the cute art style and story mixed with interesting puzzle and adventure elements!


The ground starts shaking, light bulbs are breaking – and something rather unusual is happening right behind the walls of your very room. Equipped with nothing but wit and courage, you slowly descend into a world inhabited by avian folk and seemingly deadly furniture monsters.

Why we’re excited: From cute to creepy, this game is a quintessential point and click with a touch of unnerving!


🗝️ Playing with Rooms

Hiding Spot

A difficult puzzle game about isolating yourself. Build a safe place, huddle up and get cozy.

Why we’re excited: This is the introvert’s dream. This whole game asks you to rearrange the room to create a little hiding spot for yourself. Sounds simple right? It seems like there is a lot more to this game than it appears!



Moncage is a unique puzzle adventure game where you explore a fascinating world trapped inside a mysterious cube. With each face displaying a unique scene, you’ll have to leverage the illusions and discover the hidden links to solve the puzzle.

Why we’re excited: Everything revolves around you… Revolving a cube, which sounds simple but the beautiful scenes within and how they interact with each other is bound to get your scratching your head pretty quickly!


🧩 Puzzle Time


Cosmic Express

Plan the train route for the universe’s most awkward space colony!

Why we’re excited: There’s something comforting about planning a train route, so let’s take that to space to make it even more fun!


Yugo puzzle

Yugo Puzzle is a minimalistic, challenging, and satisfying puzzle game. You move jelly blocks left and right to combine them with the same color. It may sound easy, but it can be challenging. Enjoy lots of mind-blowing moments.

Why we’re excited: Sometimes the most simple-looking games have the most interesting mechanics, and we’re looking forward to getting our head around this one!


You can sign up for all the news about the Cerebral Puzzle Showcase this week by heading to the Cerebral Puzzle Showcase website. Check out this post to read our top 8 new releases of the showcase, and keep an eye out for another up-coming post where we’ll be detailing some of the fan favourite games in the Cerebral Puzzle Showcase.

8 DEMOS & NEW RELEASES to play for free the Cerebral Puzzle Showcase!


Here at The Escape Roomer we are often recommending various puzzle video games we’ve found, so you can imagine how excited we were when we heard about the upcoming ‘Cerebral Puzzle Showcase‘! Running from the 19th to 23rd May this showcase takes place on Stream and will be full of demos, live streams, and even discounts for plenty of puzzle games that are designed to make you think!

The showcase will feature over 100 puzzle games, so too many to list here. But we’ve searched through the list and picked out 8 extra special new releases and demos that escape room enthusiasts should look out for in the Cerebral Puzzle Showcase.

Unreleased Puzzle Games You Can Demo for Free

Escape Academy


Welcome to Escape Academy. Train to become the ultimate Escapist. Solve Puzzles. Hack Servers. Meet the Faculty. Brew the perfect cup of tea. Escape Rooms in single player or co-op with a friend – local or online!

Why we’re excited: This is an escape room as a video game… It should be obvious! The graphics and sets look fantastic, puzzles look intriguing and the ability to co-op both virtually and locally is really exciting!



Explore ancient puzzle filled islands, meet strange new friends, and unlock epic secrets in an atmospheric world with a retro aesthetic. Experience a creative new take on a classic puzzle genre in the open world puzzle adventure Akurra!

Why we’re excited: The pixel art style is giving us Pokemon Blue vibes and the puzzles are giving Zelda temple vibes. This is taking us right back and we are here for it.

Paper trail

Paper Trail is a top-down puzzle adventure about leaving home, set in a paper world. You must fold and tear your way through a diverse, populated paper world. As you progress, new gameplay opportunities emerge, enhanced by the folding mechanics. Drag objects, shine lights, and push boulders across the paths you create through folding.

Why we’re excited: The puzzle mechanics intrigue us here, as well as the beautiful art style. We bet the story is going to take us on a journey too!

How to Say Goodbye

How to say goodbye is a narrative puzzle game inspired by illustrated books. Move the elements of décor and manipulate reality to help a group of ghosts wandering between two worlds reach the “other side”. But beware of the evil spirits that will try to keep you prisoner…

Why we’re excited: (At the risk of sounding repetitive) The puzzle mechanics seem very intriguing… From an eerie art style, you just know this title is going to be a beautiful and impactful story!



With Storyteller you are the one writing the stories! Start with a title, characters and settings and create your own twist on stories familiar and new.

Why we’re excited: The art style looks fun, and although the game play looks simple there are many many different iterations and stories you can create! It’s a recipe for replayability.


New Games Launching at the Cerebral Puzzle Showcase


Frequency Dissonance

You’ve been stationed on planet Omega for 24 years now, guarding, observing and maintaining the station. Finally, a signal is picked up by the radio. The empire calls. Your cooperation will decide fates.

Why we’re excited: Don’t let the simple art and mechanics deceive you – this game has 6 alternate endings and mysteries to uncover! We can’t wait!


We are definitely the baddies


The emperor is kicking you out of the planet. But that should worry an evil space overlord such as yourself. Build a huge factory, extract resources, fend off the locals, and escape with all you can grab before the deadline. Create a network of pipes and factories that are likely to be terrible for the environment but great for your pockets.

Why we’re excited: We love the pixelized art style, but intrigued about a game that timeboxes the gameplay to 1hr – just like an escape room!

Jelly is Sticky

Explore a world of colorful jelly blocks that can be deformed and stuck together. Use them in surprising, unexpected ways to build clever contraptions and solve delightful puzzles.

Why we’re excited: This one is more of a traditional puzzle game than others on this list, but it’s still full with lots of fun elements! Not only are you playing with jelly, contraptions and obstacles, but every jelly has a different property which you need to use to your advantage!

You can sign up for all the news about the Cerebral Puzzle Showcase this week by heading to the Cerebral Showcase website

Keep an eye out for our upcoming posts where we’ll be covering the best hidden gems, and more well-known games at the showcase.

The Escape Roomer Interviews: Little Alex Horne!


Here at The Escape Roomer we’re no stranger to puzzles no matter the form – room, box...or treasure hunt?

Last year Alex Horne released the fantastically titled ‘Bring Me The Head Of The Taskmaster‘ book and with it launched a global treasure hunt that has taken over hundreds of minds globally, as well as spawning a Reddit community and, naturally, a few of us here have also been obsessed.

It turns out that Alex is a very lovely man – each month he hosts a Zoom for those treasure hunters who crack the code, and has kindly allowed us to send him some questions of our own!



Hello Alex! Thank you for taking a break from a busy day of assisting to answer some eager questions from us, and congrats on your recent awards! We have been avidly following the Taskmaster Treasure hunt and would love to know how you came up with the idea?

I’ve always enjoyed treasure hunts, inspired, I think, by Easter Egg hunts as a kid. I like chocolate. A lot. I also like interactive things like Escape Rooms and The Crystal Maze. So it was a fairly short leap to get to making a Taskmaster Treasure Hunt. I must admit, however, that I didn’t know about Masquerade when I thought of the idea. I genuinely thought I was the first person to put a treasure hunt in a book!



How long did it take to create the treasure hunt?

It took about a year of lockdown. It was a useful distraction for me and, I hope, my two helpers, Dan Trelfer and Owen Powell. We would send ideas back and forth, stretching our brains and confirming if things worked or didn’t.



👆 Dan Trelfer & Alex Horne on Dan’s Vlog 👆


How did you come up with the puzzles? Are there any you’ve had to change as the hunt progressed?

I suppose I came up with the puzzles in the same way as I come up with Tasks from the show – I shut my eyes and hope for the best. There’s no plan or formula. They just sort of fall out of my brain. And ever since we left the confines of the grid in the book, we’ve been super-flexible. Readers have been far smarter than we gave them credit for so we’ve had to adapt every single time another clue is needed.


Has anything surprised you about the hunt?

I couldn’t believe how quickly people solved the 100 questions in the book. Unbelievable. I expected people to help each other on things like Reddit, but I was definitely – and pleasantly – surprised by just how far and wide the hunters would be spread. I’ve been in touch with people from every continent.


Bring Me the Head of the Taskmaster community


What’s been your favourite experience from the Treasure Hunt so far?

I host a zoom once a month for people who’ve found the details for that. It’s really fun to meet people who have invested so much time into something so silly.


Is there anything you didn’t manage to squeeze in that you wish you had?

No! It’s all there! My only regret is that I haven’t been able to film the whole thing because there have been some fantastic visual moments.


Is it too late to join the hunt?

Absolutely not! There are people joining all the time and everything is still possible to solve.


Do you have any advice for puzzle-makers out there?

Find a friend to test your puzzles on. You WILL make mistakes! You need to check and check again. Finally, be ambitious!


The hunt is quite puzzle-y, so you must also enjoy escape rooms, right?

My family and I love escape rooms. They bring the best and worst out of us, but they are always a valuable experience.


What’s the best/most enjoyable escape room experience you’ve had?

We spent a wet few days in Galway before the lockdown and the escape rooms meant it was one of our favourite ever holidays. They were simply laid out but well planned and brilliantly run. Also, we escaped (after just a couple of hints!)


If you had a magic wand (or an Assistant’s Assistant) what sort of escape room would you love to experience?

I’d like to go in an escape room set on the moon please.


You’ve just launched Taskmaster Supermax +, which is the first time a television show has essentially launched its own worldwide streaming service. Can you tell us a bit more about what to expect?

Well, it’s a curious experiment but the main idea is that it’ll be the ad-free home for all things Taskmaster. We will keep putting things up on Youtube, but EVERYTHING will eventually be on the Supermax+ platform: the international shows, extras, bespoke content and, of course, every single episode ever.



So you’ve got the Taskmaster Treasure Hunt, Taskmaster TV show, and The Horne Section…what’s coming next?

I’m literally going on holiday in 4 hours. I can’t wait – and nor can my wife!



Thank you so much for your time Alex! We hop you have a well deserved holiday! There is still time to get your hands on the book and join in the hunt, or just try out some of the challenges!

Hopefully The Escape Roomer team will soon be the owners of a silver bust… 😉

The ‘Book of Dreams’, a Puzzle Book Collaboration Launches on Indiegogo in Support of Doctors Without Borders


For the past six months something very exciting has been brewing among some of our favourite escape room creators. We’d heard rumours- well no, more like whispers that a mysterious book like no other was being written by an A-team of puzzle creators.

So when the news of “The Book of Dreams: A Puzzle Anthology” finally dropped, we could not wait to find out more! But the wait is nearly over, as it’s with great excitement that we announce the Book of Dreams launches on Indiegogo on the 17th of March 2022 at 6.30PM GMT.

Intended as a “love letter” to the global escape room community, twelve respected puzzle game and escape room creators have come together to make one fantastic story told across twelve parts and absolutely packed with puzzles.

No matter your experience level, the Book of Dreams has been designed to suite players of all puzzling prowess. So there’s quite literally, something for everyone!

Once Upon a Time…

The story of The Book of Dreams follows Lucy, a young girl who becomes trapped inside her dreams. Just like any great adventure, our hero must travel through each of the dreams and solve the riddles and puzzles in order to escape her sleepy fate.

“Once upon a time, on a warm summer evening, that seemed like any other evening that came before it, 10 year old Lucy climbed into bed. After a long and exciting day, she was ready for a long rest, and fell asleep,  Little did she know, that her adventure was just about to begin”

Above: The team at Sherlocked showing off the Augmented Reality aspects of their chapter.

Meet The Team Behind The Book of Dreams

The Book of Dreams has been produced by Lee Ballan and created by twelve creators from around the world. Each creator represents something unique about the escape room industry – whether it be digital games, online puzzle hunts, physical, award winning escape rooms, or tabletop puzzle games.

All connected with their immense love of this industry of ours!


Anna and Ace Ellett – BlueFish Games
Errol Elumir – Cryptex Hunt
Phil Hill –  Cryptic Enigmas
Charlie Bond and James Hamer-Morton – Deadlocked
Khiara Foss and Logan Giannini – Enigma Emporium
Summer Herrick – Locurio
Elyssa and James Warner – Paruzal Games
Rita Orlov – PostCurious
Anna Lysova and Lisa Levina – Scarlet Envelope
Francine Book, Victor Van Doorn and Terry Brochard – Sherlocked
Nick Moran – Time Run, Spectre & Vox
Midnight Quests – The Pyramid

100% Profits Donated to Doctors Without Borders

Initially the project was planned to be announced later in the year, but the creators have decided that because of the situation in Ukraine, the project is being pulled forward in order to donate 100% of the profits to Doctors Without Borders.

Doctors Without Borders are an international, medical humanitarian organisation working in more than 70 countries around the world. Their medical teams act fast to save people’s lives in conflict zones, natural disasters and epidemics – including in Ukraine.

How to get involved

The Indiegogo campaign goes live today, and you can head to the page here or “Like” their Facebook page to receive all updates on the project.

Here at The Escape Roomer, we cannot wait to pledge and learn more about the project as it unfolds! See you in your dreams, puzzlers…

Lara Croft statue unveiled in London ahead of LIVE Escape Room Experience


With just under two months to go until the Lara Croft themed Tomb Raider: The LIVE Experience launches in London and let me tell you we are so darn excited! Which is why when a nine feet tall statue of Lara Croft herself popped up in Camden, just outside one of our local haunts, the countdown well and truly began!

Standing self-assured at the entrance to the attraction, we hope Lara Croft inspires people to embrace their own spirit of adventure as they take on the LIVE Experience.”

Dallas Dickinson, Franchise General Manager for Tomb Raider at Crystal Dynamics

The new statue is a little taste of what to come, and incorporates the hero of the experience, archaeologist Lara Croft in all her glory. With iconic plaited hair and double pistol holders, I’m immediately transported to falling off cliffs over and over again in the early 00s on my first console.

She’s been built in collaboration with Crystal Dynamics and made entirely from sandstone, fitting the style of new experience launching in Stables Market later in the year.


About Tomb Rader: The LIVE Experience

Tomb Raider: The LIVE Experience is an immersive experience like no other launching in April 2022. Created by Little Lion Entertainment in collaboration with Paramount Pictures and Square Enix, the experience brings to life the feeling of playing the famous adventure games for up to 8 players at a time. So far we know there’ll be portions of the experience taking place on on a sinking ship, in the jungles of Costa Rica, hunting for treasure in an ancient tomb, and of course be absolutely packed with puzzles. It sounds like pretty much all you want out of an escape room but with that huge production value we expect (and love) from the creators!

Little Lion Entertainment are best known as the creative team behind one of London’s most popular attractions: The Crystal Maze Experience. Their newest experience will have the same adrenaline fueled energy but will be stepped within the lore of one of the best known gaming franchises.

Whilst not a lot is known about the experience just yet, some of the early concept sketches have been released to the public. From these, we can spot some of our favourite levels and environments and can’t wait to see the full thing in person.


Tickets to Tomb Raider: The LIVE Experience start at £66 per person. They are on sale now and can be purchased by visiting www.tombraiderlive.co.uk 

We’ll see you in the jungle, adventurers!

The Pouroboros Hoard begins TODAY: hunt across London for a treasure chest of real Roman Coins


Today, treasure hunters in London have a brand new challenge to get stuck into: The Pouroboros Hoard! It’s been a fair few months (or years even) that we’ve had a fun real-life puzzle hunt to get our teeth stuck into. I blame the pandemic. But with spring on the horizon and lockdown finally eased in the UK, bright things may be ahead.

The adventure is brought to you by Enigmailed in support of their upcoming Kickstarter launch, Notable Remains.

The Pouroboros Hoard is a collection of genuine Roman coins, stowed within a unique wooden chest. You need to identify the hiding point of the hoard (which has been signposted) which is in a public space within three miles of Trafalgar Square.


The new challenge follows the success of the company’s previous Kickstarter: Pouroboros and takes players across iconic locations in London in search of the treasure. However, players can still take part from anywhere in the world (and win!) without having boots on the ground in the UK’s capital.

The best part? More coins will be added over the course of the hunt for each week the treasure remains undiscovered!

The treasure hunt is a series of clues using what3words to encode nine unique locations within London. Once players have cracked the codes and identified all nine locations, the next step is to triangulate the information to reveal the mysterious location of the Pouroboros Hoard.

The nine locations are identified by playing Pouroboros game, which was released this month after the successful Kickstarter run. Whilst this may give early backers a little head start – anybody can get started for free by heading to this link here.

The first person to correctly identify the location of the treasure in an email will win the Pouroboros Hoard! That winner (and the answer) will be publicly announced at the beginning of the Notable Remains Kickstarter.

About Notable Remains Kickstarter

Not a lot is known about Notable Remains Kickstarter yet besides a tantalising image and description, but the countdown is now officially on. What we do know is that it;ll involve maps, remote islands, and of course: treasure!

You can follow their Kickstarter by heading to this link here.

Challenge Accepted!

If yo’re itching to get started and don’t want to wait a single second more, here’s the TLDR handily prepared by Enigmailed:

  • Download this document
  • Follow Notable remains on Kickstarter
  • Identify the nine locations
  • Identify the secret word hidden for each location
  • Work out the order of these into three groups of three
  • Use what3words to identify these locations, and what they triangulate on
  • Email hello [at] enigmailed.com with HOARD LOCATION as the subject line
  • Attach the screenshot, as well as details of the location

Good luck, treasure hunters!

Modern Fables is Closing it’s East London Premises


In some sad news today, Modern Fables has announced that it is closing it’s East London premises in around one month from now, on March 13th 2022. Until this date they’ll be keeping bookings live on the website and so anyone wishing to play their three escape rooms has a limited time to do so! After which these rooms will no longer be available.

We first visited to play Hypersomnia last summer and had a fantastic time, so if you’d like our recommendation on which to try out while you still can, you can’t go wrong with a little 80s themed sci-fi!

About Modern Fables Escape Rooms

Modern Fables is an independent escape room company located in Broadway Market, Hackney and has three available experiences including Hypersomnia, The Escapist, and The Oracles. Their original game, The Escapist was located in Rollins Street, South London before moving to the new Hackney premises and was run by the director on his own.

One thread running throughout all of their immersive experiences however is the emphasis on a strong narrative. From meeting odd characters, to thoroughly believable sets with a fantastic level of detail… Modern Fables sets itself apart as being more of an adventure experience than an escape room, making it something quite unique and worth the trip (while you still can!).

What’s Next for Modern Fables?

According to the recent announcement in their newsletter, the reason for the shutdown is that the company has been unable to pay covid-related arrears on their account and as a result their landlord will not be renewing the lease.

However, as the famous saying goes – one door closes and another one opens.

This may not be the end of Modern Fables, but a new beginning for something even more exciting in the near future. The company has an online game called Nexusurf available to play for £15 on their website which will still be available. The team has also hinted at two new projects in development which are due to go live soon after the physical site shuts down.

Book your escape at Modern Fables before March 2022

EnigMarch, like NaNoWriMo… But for Designing Puzzles!


If you’re like us (okay, maybe just me), then you like to overcommit on lots of challenges throughout the year… NaNoWriMo, Inktober, Dry January, Fool’s Errand… You name it!

But this March something brand new and very, very exciting is happening in the world of puzzles:


EnigMarch is a daily puzzle creation challenge. Every day in March, @EnigMarchHQ will share a prompt that can be used as inspiration to create any kind of puzzle you like, from cryptograms to mazes to chess problems to those fruit-counting ones you see on Facebook. All skill levels are welcome, from expert puzzlesmiths to absolute beginners—you don’t have to create a masterpiece, just something that’s convincingly a puzzle.


With less than one month to go until the challenge kicks off, there’s plenty of time to purchase an extra notebook and get the puzzle-writing muscles flexing.

What We Know About EnigMarch So Far…

EnigMarch was born in a Discord community, from a general wish of many enthusiasts for a puzzle-making challenge. Sarah W and a few additional volunteers put the plan into motion and already it has many high profile board game designers and escape room enthusiasts committing to the challenge.

So what else do we know so far?

Takes Place: March 1st – 31st
Where: Online, here

The best part about EnigMarch is that it’s entirely self-paced. So unlike NaNoWriMo where you’re committing to 1,667 words a day, you can take EnigMarch at your own pace. Create for yourself, create for someone else, write a little riddle, or build out a full complex game that’ll have your friends and enemies scratching their heads.

It seems to be a no-judgement challenge with a nice, growing community.

EnigMarch logo

How to Sign Up for EnigMarch

It’s simple – you don’t need to sign up for anything.

Daily prompts will be posted on Twitter and their website, but there’s also an Instagram page and a Reddit group you can catch up with and network in. Furthermore there is an additional thread in the Escape Rooms discord channel.

Once you see the daily prompt, all you need to do is go off and create a puzzle based on the prompt. Players are encouraged to share with the hashtag #EnigMarch on their platform of choice… That or leave puzzles in a public restroom, tie them to a pigeon’s leg, or burn them. In short, whatever you like!

To help, there is a page of resources that can be found here, that has many useful links about puzzle creation.

There’s even a puzzling playlist to get stuck into!

So, will you be playing EnigMarch? Let us know in the comments!

The Golden Hinde in London gets a brand new escape room experience from Secret Studio


After 7 long years since London’s Secret Studio launched a new game, the team is back with a bang… A very big bang as if shot from a ship’s cannon, no less. The immersive entertainment company has recently announced that their latest escape room experience is situated on the iconic London landmark: The Golden Hinde.

“Escape from the Golden Hinde is an interactive adventure on a historic 16th century galleon in the centre of London!”

We’re very excited about this one, as Secret Studio is one of the most highly rated escape rooms in London, currently boasting No. 1 on TripAdvisor. The escape room studio is comprised of film makers, actors and theatre practitioners and they make it their goal to focus on the story and character to bring an escape room to life. Given this fantastic new location steeped in Britain’s history, the room is sure to be something special.

Secret Studio currently runs one other, haunted film studio experience in London at a “top-secret location in Whitechapel“.

Photo (c) The Golden Hinde

Escape From the Golden Hinde: How To Book

Escape From the Golden Hinde is available to book immediately and for a limited time they are running preview tickets at £30 per player. When the game is ready for a full, public launch, tickets will be priced at £43 per player.

The goal of players will be to crack the codes and solve the puzzles within 60 minutes and escape to the shore.

Here are some key details we know about the new escape room:

Location: The Golden Hinde Ship, St Mary Overie’s Dock, London
Price Per Player: £43 per person
Minimum Players: 3
Maximum Players: 18 (staggered start times)
Minimum Age: 10 years

The game can be booked by heading to the website here:


Photo (c) The Golden Hinde

All Aboard!

We’re looking forward to trying out the experience in the next couple of weeks and, on a persona note given many of The Escape Roomer team are based in East London, we’re looking forward to more escape room experiences in the area!

London Bridge is not home to many escape rooms except for one company “Escape Rooms” just a short walk from the Golden Hinde, but visitors may wish to book in their Escape From the Golden Hind escape session whilst playing Foxtrail’s Lancelot walking game – which passes right underneath the Golden Hinde at around the 50% mark!

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