The Escape Roomer Awards

The Escape Roomer Awards

From time to time we come across truly amazing games and want to award them with a special badge on The Escape Roomer. If you’ve spotted a badge on a review, find out what it means here. If we’ve awarded one of your games a badge, scroll to the bottom of the page to find out what this means.


FUN FACTOR All games are fun, but look out for the Fun Factor badge on any review that goes all out on fun!

BEST IN GENRE Perfect pirate ship? Brilliant bank heist? The Best in Genre badge is awarded to stand-out games in classic escape room genres.

I BELIEVE Wait… Where does reality end and this game begin?! The I Believe badge is awarded to exceptionally immersive games!

PUZZLE PRIZE The Puzzle Prize badge is awarded to any experience with outstanding and particularly satisfying puzzles!

DIAMOND BADGE awarded to the most visually appealing experiences!

WOW AWARD The Wow Award is reserved for games that felt extra innovative – whether a brand new concept, puzzle, or delivery!

BADGE OF HONOUR The highest award of them all! The Badge of Honour is the best badge The Escape Roomer team can bestow upon a game. These games were incredible!!



Claim Your Award

If your game has won an award, you’re welcome to display this on your site or use our asset in your marketing provided you link back to this page! 🙂

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