Digital Play at Home Secret Agents

Escape Live: Rogue Agent

Whilst saving the world from all manner of terrorists and threats, a Rogue MI5 Agent has been growing his personal art collection and not entirely legitimately. The unknown agent has been stealing art and sculptures from across the globe. Rating: Pretty InterestingCompletion Time: 1 Hour 8 MinutesDate Played: 16th of June 2020Party Size: 6 26/02/21 […]Read More

Play at Home printable Secret Agents

Lock Paper Scissors: Rebel Revolt

A treasonous escape room kit that transforms your home Into a daring Adventure. Rating: BrilliantCompletion Time: 60 MinutesDate Played: 13th of June 2020Party Size: 2 Rebel Revolt is one of the many escape game / party kits available from Lock Paper Scissors Co. recommended for teams of up to 4 players. I’m specifically calling it […]Read More

Play at Home printable Wizarding World

Escape Hunt: School of Magic

Wands at the ready, Witches and Wizards! Brackendel School of Magic needs you! Rating: MagicalCompletion Time: 32 MinutesDate Played: 8th of June 2020Party Size: 3Recommended For: Kids, Families I’m having a very Harry Potter week! First, watching a few of the films on my birthday, then later becoming obsessed with the Lego Harry Potter PS4 […]Read More

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Clue Cracker: Fairground Felony

Faskin’s Fairground has come to town and you are buzzing with excitement! You love the thrill of the rides, the sweet sugary smell of candy floss and the sound of the old-time music ringing throughout the park. Rating: HilariousCompletion Time: 41 MinutesDate Played: 7th of June 2020Party Size: 2 Fairground Felony is one of the […]Read More

Heists Play at Home

The Locked Room: The Heist

Join a team of bandits as they attempt to pull off one of the most audacious heists you’ve ever seen! But will you make your getaway in time? Rating: FunCompletion Time: 1.5 hoursDate Played: 29th of May 2020Party Size: 1 The Heist is a new play at home game from family run escape room The […]Read More

Boxed Games Play at Home

Unlock!: The Island of Doctor Goorse

The day had started off well. After weeks of hesitation, you finally accepted the invitation of Archibald Goorse, the eccentric billionaire, archaeological rarities collector. You’d been flown to his private island, located a few miles from the Bahamas, in an old twin-engine. Rating: DifferentCompletion Time: 65 minutesDate Played: 23rd of May 2020Party Size: 2 The […]Read More

Play at Home printable Secret Agents

Deadlocked: The Insiders

The Wexell Corporation has a problem right now. There’s a mole in the company, working against us with some very sensitive information and we need YOU to find out who’s been sneaking around where they shouldn’t. Rating: GreatCompletion Time: 6.5 hoursDate Played: 16th – 23rd of May 2020Party Size: 4 The Insiders is without a […]Read More

Digital Play at Home Sci-Fi

Mystery Locks: Dream Hack

In 2083 things are quite different from today. The simple things in life were sacrificed for time efficiency. There was no time laugh, to love or to dream. Rating: DifferentCompletion Time: 29 minutesDate Played: 17th of May 2020Party Size: 1 Dream Hack by Mystery Locks wins my award for most interesting (and creative) theme! I […]Read More

Detective Play at Home printable

Escape Kit: The Mysterious Murder

“On Sunday, November 15, at around 9 p.m., the Berkshire police received an alarming call from an anonymous guest who stayed at the Thompson’s Mansion where wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Thompson took place. Mary Thompson was found dead in her room. Cause of death : unknown. No signs or break-in….” Rating: ExcitingCompletion Time: […]Read More